Ben Higgins Dishes How Abstinence Strengthened Relationship

Jessica Clarke and Ben Higgins via Youtube

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins is opening up and talking about how deciding to abstain from intimacy helped his relationship. Ben decided to not sleep with his then-girlfriend/fiance Jessica Clarke until they were married. He’s sharing his thoughts on his decision and how it helped them. Keep reading to find out more.

Ben Higgins talks their decision to wait and why

Bachelor Nation opened up recently about how Ben Higgins said his decision to not be intimate with Jessica actually helped them. Ben said most people immediately jump to the conclusion that he and Jessica decided to wait to be physical simply due to religion. However, he says that isn’t the entire truth.

He did say that religion is very important to both of them but it wasn’t the entire reason for their decision. Ben said, “In my life, I was famous for Kaitlyn Bristowe calling me out and asking if I was a virgin and I wasn’t. And Jessica had abstained from s*x her whole life waiting for marriage, and so when going into that relationship, we talked it out and decided the wise thing to do for us.”

After a lot of conversation, Ben said he and Jessica decided it was the right thing to do for them. He was glad he was able to adhere to and respect her decision. Ben said he had been in relationships that did involve intimacy and they all failed. So, he was ready to give this a try.

Jessica Clarke and Ben Higgins via Instagram
Jessica Clarke and Ben Higgins via Instagram

How it strengthened them

Covid of course threw a kink in their original plans and forced them to wait an extra year. This made things even harder for them but in the end, it was worth the wait.

Ben said the reason it brought them closer is that “It wasn’t easy, so it forced us to grow stronger together in our commitment to each other. It also got us really excited for when we did get married. It gave us something really special and something we would work through as a married couple once we had already committed our lives to each other.”

He continued saying that since they waited to be intimate with each other that it forced them to And finally, because we were waiting for that physical part of our relationship, it forced us to communicate with our words a lot easier. We talk the weird and uncomfortable stuff out.”

Ben Higgins/Instagram
Ben Higgins/Instagram

However, while it worked out for them, Ben said it’s not the right choice for everyone. He said it’s definitely not for everybody and that is okay.

Ben said the entire situation strengthened their bond even more.

The two have been enjoying wedded bliss since November 2021.



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