’90 Day Fiance’: Kara And Guillermo Married?

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Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance just started last Sunday but already a few couples may have already accelerated their romances. Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer quickly became fan favorites. Viewers truly felt that they had what it took to go the distance and were genuinely in love. So, have they already tied the knot?

Finding 90 Day Fiance Love

Kara and Guillermo met in a very organic way. She was on a work trip in the Dominican Republic where he was her waiter. He ended up giving her his number even though she thought he was a little young. Luckily, she learned he was twenty-one so they were able to have as much fun as they wanted. Kara ended up relocating there for almost a year due to her job. They shacked up with one another, even buying a pooch. For party girl Kara, this was unfamiliar territory. She admitted she had trouble being faithful to the men she dated but something about Guillermo made her put her old ways to bed.

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When she returned to America, she was an engaged woman, eagerly awaiting her fiance’s arrival. Unfortunately, the pandemic halted his travel plans. Thankfully, he was finally able to pack up his stuff and come to be with her. She even went to fly back with him since his passport was expired and she did not want there to be any issues. Viewers love them as a couple, tweeting: “I think Kara and Guillermo are cute! They have actually lived together, too, so I have more faith in them.” Now it appears they have made good on their promise to stay committed and faithful.

Happily Ever After?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, it appears the 90 Day Fiance fan favorites are now husband and wife. Apparently, it was a friend of the couple who confirmed the news via social media. Though the post was quickly deleted from Instagram, it has been pointed out that friends often do not have to sign NDAs. It is only the cast who are required to do so and even then, slips happen. Still, someone was able to grab the post prior to it being removed. It was about the journey from engagement to wedding. If a friend casually gossiping on social media is not enough proof just wait, there is more.

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Court records in the state of Virginia show Kara and Guillermo got married on July 23rd, 2021 in Albermarle County. Therefore, they are now officially husband and wife. No word on the size of the wedding, if it was small or big, there is literally nothing other than their date of marriage. So, yes, the duo has tied the knot. This should make their supporters extremely happy. As to whether they can go the distance, that is yet to be seen. Many congratulations to the happy couple.

Are you surprised they tied the knot or did you know it was meant to be? Watch their 90 Day Fiance journey every Sunday on TLC.

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