Esther & Nate Bates Bring Smiles To Kids From A Helicopter

Esther Keyes Instagram, Nate Bates

Former Bringing Up Bates stars Esther and Nate Bates are bringing smiles to kids in a very special way. They used a helicopter to share something fun with many children over the weekend.

Though Esther and Nate don’t have kids of their own, they still wanted to make sure other children had a great Easter. Scroll down to see what the couple did.

Esther Keyes, Nate Bates Instagram

Esther and Nate Bates share their fun Easter festivities.

In an Instagram Reel on Sunday, April 17, Esther and Nate Bates gave fans a peek into their Easter celebration. And it looks like they made the day less about them and more about some special kids in their lives.

In the Reel, the couple is in a helicopter together. As they fly over a field, they drop Easter eggs down to a large group of people. It looks like this might be at a church. It also could have been hosted as another type of community event.

Someone else was able to film from the ground to show what it looked like as the eggs fell from the helicopter.

Esther Keyes, Nate Bates Instagram

You can watch the video here.

In a comment, Esther wrote, “We absolutely LOVE flying in a helicopter and this Easter candy drop was a great excuse to take a ride!🚁”

Bringing Up Bates fans love the new video.

Fans are loving the new video that Esther and Nate Bates shared with fans this weekend. In the comments section of Esther and Nate’s post, one fan says, “Amazing! Love this!”

Another adds, “That’s so awesome❤️❤️”

Someone else chimes in, “Love it!! I know them kids had to be excited.”

One more fan says, “Wow! You took an Easter hunt to a whole new level! 💜”

The Bates family Instagram page, which is run by mom Kelly, commented a few heart emojis.

Plenty of other fans are sharing positive comments, too. They love how much Nate and Esther did to make sure these kids had a great Easter. The couple certainly went above and beyond to do something special and different.

Many fans are also talking about how cool this idea is compared to a regular Easter egg hunt.

So, what do you think of Esther and Nate Bates’ Easter festivities? Do you love the idea of dropping eggs from a helicopter like they did? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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