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‘Love After Lockup’ Amber Eggers Shares Sad News On Easter

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Love After Lockup fans were so happy to see that Amber Eggers maintained her sobriety. She, along with her ex-girlfriend Puppy, appeared on the spinoff Life After Lockup. In the recent season, Amber was very protective of Puppy and ensured she was safe. Sadly, not all in Amber’s life is picture-perfect. The reality star shared some devastating news that took over her holiday.

Amber Finds Love After Lockup

When viewers first met Amber, she thought she was in love with Vince. He had been writing to her while she was in prison and thought there might be a chance. Unfortunately for him, she had developed feelings for a fellow inmate, Puppy. Though their relationship fizzled out, they maintained a deep connection that not everyone who dated them understood. In the last season of Life After Lockup, both women had started dating different men. Puppy was with a rather controlling man named Eric. At the same time, Amber had gone back to her ex, Sammy. He had made changes in his life and seemed to be a much better man for Amber.

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Ultimately, Amber spent most of the season trying to keep tabs on her friend since she had broken her parole. She was supposed to be paroled at her mother’s home but was staying at Eric’s. When a warrant went out for her, Eric suggested they get married and run but Amber was vehemently against that. Soon enough, Amber left her controlling boyfriend and just wanted Puppy to find her direction. Puppy ended up briefly back in prison yet Amber stayed on the straight and narrow. Thus far she is still thriving. However, she just suffered heartbreak that has left her shattered.

Losing A Piece Of Herself

Earlier today, Amber revealed via Instagram that her grandpa passed away. She shared a family post saying he had officially left this earth on Easter. Yet, she noted he will be joining her grandma. Furthermore, she added the goal is to make him proud. Her followers were quick to send their condolences for Charles Elwood Eggers who was eighty-three. “So sorry for your loss Amber. I know he’s more than proud of you. You’ll be together again someday,” one shared. Another added: “Amber, I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with your family on this very sad day.”

Credit: Amber IG

When the season concluded, Amber was working at a restaurant but now she is quite successful with Arbonne. No word on if her and Puppy’s story will continue onto the next season. Sincere and heartfelt condolences to her and her whole family on the sad loss of Grandpa Eggers. The new season of Love After Lockup airs Fridays on WEtv.

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