Justin Duggar Cheated On Claire Spivey Early On In Their Courtship?

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Did Justin Duggar cheat on Claire Spivey at the beginning of their relationship? New details about the situation have surfaced. Stick around to get all of the details on the incident.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Duggar family, here’s a quick update on Justin and Claire. The couple tied the knot in February of 2021. They are now living in Texas, which is where Claire and her family are from.

In Texas, Justin Duggar appears to be flipping houses, like many of his siblings have done in the past.

The couple doesn’t share too many details with fans via social media. But they do share little updates here and there. They recently posted photos as Claire celebrated her 21st birthday. Another post highlighted their first-anniversary trip.

While things seem to be going well between them now, that might not have always been the case. There might be more to their story.

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Did Justin Duggar cheat on Claire Spivey?

On Reddit, a former Duggar friend is spilling the tea on the famous family. The friend has shared about Anna Duggar, the family’s relationships, and much more. Now, they have details to share on Justin allegedly cheating on Claire.

As it turns out, the pair might not have started off on the right foot. One Duggar snarker requested some details about the alleged cheating situation between Claire and Justin. They wrote, “please do share the tea on Justin cheating on Claire.”

In response, the former friend wrote, “The whole justin thing wasn’t TOO awful by normal people standards, but by fundie standards it was off the charts. It was only a few days after Claire and justin start officially courting. For those of you that are reading this comment and missed the discussion yesterday: someone walked in on Justin canoodling with an Andregg girl on a couch just a few short days after beginning a relationship.”

The Andreggs are another family in the Duggar family’s circle.

The former friend went on to explain what exactly Justin Duggar might have been doing to “cheat.” They wrote, “Yeah basically just sitting down cuddling on a couch. Perhaps an arm around the other.”

It looks like this doesn’t matter so much now. The two appear to be happily married and it doesn’t look like it put a serious damper on their relationship.

So, do you believe that Justin Duggar cheated on Claire Spivey when they were first courting? Do you think it matters anymore? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Duggar family news.

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