Meri Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Has Never Been Afraid Of Trolls

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Meri Brown has been scrutinized for a bevy of things. Internet trolls have no problems criticizing her marriage, her businesses, and her looks. In return, she has shown them she is not afraid of them as what they say is just words. She can bite back just as hard and has continued to live her life to the best of her ability.

Meri Brown- Always Fighting Back

Being the first and only legal wife has some drawbacks. Meri had to deal with a lot that was not fully discovered until the Brown family went public. One of the biggest issues was her bankruptcy. Since she and Kody were legally bound, she had to take the heat for all of their money troubles. While both Christine and Janelle also filed for bankruptcy at different times (2010 and 19997 respectively), they did it as single women. With Meri, there was a lot to unpack and it was shown she and Kody claimed about six children even though they biologically only are responsible for one together. Still, she kept on going with her life and continued to work until she was let go for doing Sister Wives. 

Sister Wives Meri Brown

After she divorced Kody so Robyn could marry him in order for her kids from a previous marriage to be adopted, Meri sunk into a dark place. It led her to some trouble. She had to fight to get respect back from her family, especially her daughter, Mariah. When she decided she wanted to buy a family home in Parowan, the down payment wasn’t feasible. So she came up with it on her own and never looked back. Meri is always doing what she can to make it by. She has since rectified her relationship with her daughter and is thriving in her new life. Somehow, internet trolls still feel the need to come after her but she does not just sit there with a smile.

Not Afraid Of No Trolls

Meri Brown loves to promote her businesses since she got involved with LuLaRoe and opened Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Occasionally, she goes live to answer fan questions and speak directly to them. Unfortunately, not all of her followers are super kind. Back in 2020, she did a Live and someone told her she needed to learn how to apply her makeup better. Meri clapped back with this: “I feel great about myself, but thanks anyway!” It has not stopped since then. Fans have become fixated on her eyebrows and how poorly they are drawn on.

Meri Brown sister Wives Instagram
Meri Brown sister Wives Instagram

They have also come for Robyn and Mykelti’s eyebrows in the worst fashion. Followers have suggested that they get a makeup artist yet it seems they do their own. A pandemic has taken over production for the last two seasons so having a makeup artist come in is not necessarily feasible. Even Christine has shut down trolls recently but in a diplomatic way like Meri. So much for women supporting women.

Do you think Meri handled this properly and should she be able to wear her makeup whatever way she wants? Let us know in the comments.

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