‘Storage Wars’: Are Rene & Casey Nezhoda Still Together?

Storage Wars - YouTube/Bargainhuntersthrift

Rene and Casey Nezhoda haven’t appeared on Storage Wars as often as they used to, which has prompted divorce rumors. Read on to find out if the couple is still together.

‘Storage Wars’ Isn’t New To Relationship Drama

The couple’s daughter, Tatiana, has been featured on the show more recently. She appears interested in taking over the business eventually. It’s possible this is why Casey has taken a step back, but fans have watched other relationships crumble on the show.

Storage Wars is now in its 14th season. Rene and Casey became main buyers during Season 5. So, fans of the show have gotten to know the couple fairly well.

However, Casey began to appear on the show less in 2016. With Casey appearing on the program less and less, viewers began to question Rene and Casey’s relationship. Did they break up? Where has she been?

Storage Wars - YouTube/A&E

Credit: YouTube/A&E

Other couples who have appeared on the show have started to split. Jarrod and Brandi’s split seems to be the messiest. During Season 13, the couple told fans they actually broke up in 2018. Because of the extended break between Season 12 and Season 13, viewers were surprised.

It was revealed that Jarrod was arrested and charged with one count of domestic violence battery against Brandi. They can be seen on Storage Wars awkwardly showing up to the same lockers to bid on items.

This brings us to the current season. Casey Nezhoda, who has been relatively absent from the show, has started to make regular appearances again. Is she still with Rene?

Are Rene & Casey Nezhoda Still Together?

Even though they have taken some breaks from appearing on Storage Wars together, the couple is still going strong. In fact, while the show was taking a break, they established their own following.

They have amassed more than 146,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, Bargainhuntersthrift. The channel, which shares a name with their thrift store, shares updates on their life and recent finds. Videos on the channel show them going through lockers they paid tens of thousands of dollars on, going to auctions, and talking to followers.

Storage Wars - YouTube/Bargainhuntersthrift

Credit: YouTube/Bargainhuntersthrift

The couple is still traveling together and loving every minute of what they do too. In early March, they went to Chicago for a meet-and-greet with fans of the show. Between meetups and travel, they are still going through lockers, being the same Rene and Casey viewers have come to know and love.

Rene has also recently posted behind-the-scenes shots of Storage Wars on his Instagram feed. In the video, he told his followers to check out the latest season of the show on A&E. “We’re filming more episodes for you right now, waiting to go take a look at a unit,” Rene said.

Season 14 of Storage Wars is currently airing on A&E. You can catch new episodes on Tuesdays at p.m EST.

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