Isabel Rock Admits To Filters, Apologizes To Fans

Isabel Rock Instagram

Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock, has an important message to share with her social media followers. She decided to get raw and take off the filters to share a new photo and apology with her 132,000 Instagram followers over the weekend.

On social media, many people use filters on their photos. When people post pictures of themselves on their Instagram stories, they often apply a filter to smooth their skin and hide their imperfections.

Isabel Rock is one person who has used filters on her photos in the past. When she posts to her Instagram stories, she sometimes applies an edit to change her appearance. But now, she may be turning a corner and ditching the filters for good. Read on to see what she has to say about using filters and what she’s going to do moving forward.

Jacob Roloff Instagram, Isabel Rock

Isabel Rock shares a meaningful apology.

On her Instagram stories, Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock, shared an important message about filters and took a moment to apologize to fans. She shared a selfie with no filters or edits applied. She only appears to be wearing a little bit of makeup in the photo, too.

Along with sharing the photo, she writes, “We are taught from a young age to be displeased with our appearances and to constantly compare ourselves and want to change things and the era of using filters daily just adds to that even more so I’m sorry for using them so much and I’ll try to be better about it.”

She also adds a kiss emoji to the post.

So, it sounds like Isabel Rock has turned a corner and decided to ditch the filters. Maybe she wants to be a better influence on all of her followers and help young people accept themselves the way they are.

Isabel Rock Instagram
Isabel Rock Instagram

It’s unclear what sparked this change. Maybe Isabel received messages from fans asking about her frequent filter use. Or maybe it just hit her that there are many people potentially being influenced by her filtered photos.

So, what do you think of Isabel Rock’s post about filters? Do you appreciate this message from her? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Isabel, Jacob, and the rest of the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows AceAnd don’t miss the Little People, Big World Season 23 premiere next month. You can find the details here.

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