‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 Confirmed, Who’s Coming Back?

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I Love A Mama’s boy has become one of TLC’s guiltiest pleasures. The reality series follows couples who are trying to make it work. Unfortunately, they have one big obstacle- they literally love a mama’s boy. The mothers either come everywhere with the duos or interfere in every major life decision. It caused the demise of a few serious relationships. By the time Season 2 came to an end, fans were eager to know if the show had been renewed. The good news is it has but who is returning so far?

Who Survived I Love A Mama’s Boy?

When the show came back for Season 2, there were three returning couples from the premiere season. Emily and Shekeb had ended their relationship due to his mother’s constant scrutiny and rude remarks. Yet they reconnected, attempting to be one happy family. Unfortunately, he decided to give Emily a promise ring which she refuted so he gifted it to his mom. Her behavior was so out of line, it was a dealbreaker. They left with things unresolved. Matt and Kim also came back to plan their wedding but were forced to live with his mom, Kelly. She was taking over the planning of their nuptials and the building of their home.

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Eventually, Kim got a great job opportunity that required her to move. Kelly wanted Matt to stay close to home so this led to the couple parting ways. Finally, Mike and Stephanie were back but she is ready to pursue her dreams and wants her man by her side. However, his mother is determined to deter him from following his love. They may not be currently living together but they are still attempting to work it out.

I Love A Mama's Boy Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Two newbie couples struggled, as well. Tracy and Bryan were hoping for their dream honeymoon but his mama wants to come along. He felt he owed so much to her but she comes off as a little much. Luckily, Mama Jayne started dating and spreading her own wings even if she was unsuccessful. Lastly, Tia and Theous had been together forever but his mom is his everything. She won’t marry him until he learns how to prioritize. In the end, she wanted to move in with them so they had a lot to work on. With all of this, the future of the show was uncertain.

Season 3 Confirmed- Who’s Back?

TLC has yet to make an announcement regarding the series. However, an Instagram page confirms two things. Firstly, there will be a Season 3 of the hit show. Secondly, Shekeb Sekander will be returning as a cast member. The page, @iloveamamasboy caught the OG cast member filming a scene for the upcoming season. However, there is no word if he is still with Emily. There is also no word on who else will be joining him or when the show will be coming back.

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Followers had this to say upon learning the information: “Please not Emily, they are not meant to be!” Another added: “I really can’t watch these recycled boys and their domineering mama’s. I’ve seen enough already.” Luckily, someone was really excited about his return: “Excited! They carry the weight of the show.”

Are you looking forward to Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy? Who else do you want to see aside from Shekeb on the show? Let us know in the comments.

Update: I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 premieres Sunday, June 19 on TLC.


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  1. Kelly got exactly what she wanted! But tried to comfort her son Matt, while beaming with delight over her conquest! She once asked Kim if she was jealous, when in fact it was Kelly who is jealous! Stupid Matt can’t see that Kelly was the root of ALL the couples problems! He should be angry with his mom, rather than cry on her shoulder while she gloats with satisfaction! I hate Kelly, and she will never let her son have a healthy relationship with anyone! Kelly needs therapy!

  2. I would like To see Jason and Justina back this coming season. Jason is very close to his mom but he does stand up for Justin a sometimes.

  3. How any of these men do not see what their mothers are doing is beyond me. Do these men live in a cardboard box or are they really this stupid. I have never seen any man act like this even those who are close to their mothers. I believe this show is 95% fake & 5% real. If anyone believes this you must be living in the box with these guys. Shakeeb really believes his mother is not trying to match make he cannot be that naive. TLC try to make it more believable.

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