Jeremiah Raber’s Wife Serves Him With Restraining Order, For What?

Jeremiah Raber Credit: IG

Jeremiah Raber has had a rough few months. Back in October, his beloved Ford Fusion was stolen only to be recovered in extremely rough shape. It started to look up again when he welcomed a new member to his family in November. In December, the proud papa released his first children’s book. Finally, he showed off a new used car earlier this month so it seemed he was headed down a great path. Sadly, things have taken a turn, and his happily ever after may be coming to a screeching halt.

Meeting Jeremiah Raber

Viewers first met Jeremiah a decade ago on the TLC reality series Breaking Amish. Adults who had come from Amish and Mennonite families were attempting life in the English world. Jeremiah often struggled to fit in as he was covered in tattoos, piercings, and had a colorful past. He was previously married with three children and was always searching for who he was. As it was ultimately revealed, he was adopted yet his birth mom told him he was unwanted. Luckily, Mama Mary Schmucker took him under her wing, attempting to mentor Jeremiah the best she could.

Return To Amish Credit: Jeremiah Raber IG
Credit: Jeremiah Raber IG

Eventually, he met and married single mother Carmela. The two went into the donut business with Ada Byler, ended Mary’s replacement on the Amish series. This venture collapsed and Jeremiah went on to take different jobs. More so, he and Carmela were fighting to make their marriage work as he still felt incomplete. In Season 6 of Return to Amish, Jeremiah believed he had found his biological father but he was mistaken. He did find his birth story and relatives which he hoped would help with his marriage. It appears it did not.

The End For The Rabers?

The other day, Jeremiah Raber went live on social media to share the current issues in his marriage. Unfortunately, it is worse than anyone could have imagined. Carmela has left and Jeremiah has been served with a restraining order. It states he cannot be around her kids anymore which is a devastating blow to him. Additionally, he cannot be around the newest Raber who they welcomed in November, Garfield the cat.

Credit: Jeremiah Raber IG

Rather than keep the video up on his pages, Jeremiah has been putting up a series of status updates on Facebook documenting what is going on in his life. He starts by writing he believes she just gave up and never really loved him. It goes on to him claiming he heard “I love you” one day but being served the next. He continues to go on by saying he meant his vows but also seemingly accuses his estranged wife of infidelity.

Jeremiah and Carmela of Return to Amish
Jeremiah and Carmela of Return to Amish [Image @jeremiah_raber/Instagram]
Furthermore, he notes he wants to make it works via counseling but claims the other party has all but given up. Jeremiah concludes his postings, for now, by writing he will oppose the restraining order and fight for his marriage. Of course, there are two sides to every story but it is extremely sad to see him getting his life back and have it all crash down. Do you think they can make it work and come out the other side? Let us know in the comments.

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