‘Bringing Up Bates:’ Is Addallee In A Courtship Yet?

Bates family Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates star Addallee Bates recently gave fans some insight into her relationship status. Is the young lady in a courtship yet? Read on to see what she has to say about it all.

Many Bates fans are familiar with the older kids in the family. Fans are enjoying following Lawson, Carlin, Alyssa, Josie, and the rest of the older siblings on social media. However, some of the younger kids, like Addallee, don’t have their own social media accounts. So, fans don’t know as much about them. Plus, with UPtv canceling Bringing Up Bates, the kids’ lives are no longer available to watch on TV.

How old is Addallee Bates?

Addallee recently celebrated her 16th birthday. On February 17, mom Kelly Jo Bates shared a few photos of Addee and her 20-year-old brother, Jackson, who has the same birthday. The proud mom gushed, “You’re like something out of a catalog order- just perfect in everyway. You don’t complain… ever! You don’t ask for anything… ever!”

Kelly continued, “You are 100% content… always! You do anything for anybody (except yourself). You praise everyone else… even when you really deserve the credit, cause you’re happy to let someone else be made over instead! You’re selfless and happy and loving, and you’re so faithful in your walk with the Lord! Thank you for being such an easy blessing to raise and to watch grow up!”

Bates family Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

Since she’s only 16, she may not be quite ready to enter a courtship. But she’s growing up quickly and it may not be long before we hear the news that she’s in a relationship.

Is the Bringing Up Bates star in a courtship?

Addallee recently went to Florida to spend time with her big sister, Alyssa. While she was there, she popped up on Alyssa’s Instagram stories and answered a question about her relationship status.

You can watch the clip here.

The sisters were doing a Q&A session with questions from Bringing Up Bates fans. Alyssa adds a question to the screen, which reads, “Does Addee have a boyfriend?”

In response, Addee says, “Definitely not. Nope.” 

Alyssa says, “No, she’s too young for a boyfriend.” 

Then, Addee chimes in and says that she’s “too immature.” 

Alyssa adds, “And we haven’t found the perfect one, and she really needs the perfect one, because she’s like the perfect person.” 

So, when do you think Addallee Bates might get into a courtship? Does her response surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Bringing Up Bates news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

When asked if addie has a bf. I’m surprised she admitted she was “too immature”
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