Bachelor Nation Star Demi Burnett Reveals Her Mom Is Back In Prison

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Bachelor Nation star Demi Burnett shared the shocking update that her mom is back in prison. Find out why. Plus, what is Demi doing to help? Read on for all the details.

Bachelor Nation star admits to feeling ‘isolated’ since autism diagnosis

In February of 2022, Demi Burnett sent shockwaves through the franchise by announcing her autism diagnosis. The so-called villain of Colton Underwood’s season previously came out as bisexual.

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Demi Burnett/Credit: Demi Burnett Instagram

Revealing such a personal diagnosis has left Burnett open to online criticism. According to the Bachelor Nation blog, she took to her Instagram Stories to chide trolls for their response.

“Stop making people feel stupid if they think that they might be autistic, okay? Stop making them feel like that’s an absurd thought, because you probably don’t know anything about autism,” – Demi Burnett, Instagram

The television personality also took to her Twitter to share more thoughts on what her diagnosis means. She wrote that now knowing she has autism explains why her personality can be abrasive to people. “I’m blunt, and it can be perceived as rude,” she revealed.

Demi Burnett assured her followers that her attitude didn’t come from a place of malice. However, she admitted that it makes her feel “isolated” and unable to make friends easily.


Demi Burnett reveals her mom is back in prison, why?

During the Season 23 premiere of The Bachelor, cameras caught Demi Burnett accepting a call from an inmate in prison. Her mother was serving time for conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Burnett’s mother was eventually out of prison.

However, on her Instagram Stories, the BIP alum shared that her mom is once again back in prison.

According to Demi, her mom violated her probation by failing a drug test. She didn’t reveal how long her mom will be in prison.

The prominent reality star did share that she’s closer to her mother than ever, speaking to her every day. And she wants to do something to help imprisoned women like her mother. How?

How she plans to help incarcerated women

Demi Burnett said that “women in prison have voices that deserve to be heard.” And she has the platform to do it. She revealed that she is connecting with other inmates through her mother, asking the inmates to send Demi letters about their experiences in prison.

The Bachelor Nation star plans to take those letters and share the stories on her social media platform. Additionally, she gave her followers a chance to ask questions of the inmates.

Credit: Demi Burnett Instagram

Keep an eye on Demi Burnett’s social media for updates on whether the incarcerated women share their stories with her.

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