Maddie Brown Brush Chops Axel’s Hair: ‘No More Mop Head’

Maddie Brown Brush Credit: Maddie Brush IG

Maddie Brown Brush loves sharing her family on social media. She takes pride in their milestones especially since both of her children had some challenges to face. Axel was diagnosed with apraxia at a very young age. Then, her daughter Evie K. was born with FATCO syndrome. This ultimately required life-changing surgery. Still, the mom of two continues to smile through it all and the same goes for her littles. Recently, Axel underwent a big makeover, and Maddie could not help but show it off.

Maddie Brush- From Teen To Mama Bear

Sister Wives fans first met Maddie as a black-haired teen who had dreams of working in the beauty industry. As one of Janelle’s older kids, she helped a lot within her family. However, she was seemingly very accepting of Robyn being her father, Kody’s fourth wife. Within a few years, her style began to evolve and Maddie found love. She began dating Caleb Brush and the two became engaged. Maddie was the first Brown child to get engaged and go on to plan a wedding that took place in Montana in 2016.

Sister Wives - Maddie Brown Brush - Kody brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Maddie Brown Brush – Kody Brown Youtube

That same year, she announced she was expecting her first child. In 2017, Maddie and Caleb welcomed their son Axel. Two years later, the couple revealed they were not only moving to North Carolina for Caleb’s work but they were expecting again. Evie K. was born in 2019 however she faced a handful of challenges. A few of her fingers on one of her hands were webbed together.

Sister Wives maddie Brown Brush - Caleb Brush Instagram
Sister Wives maddie Brown Brush – Caleb Brush Instagram

At the same time, Maddie was opening up about Axel’s apraxia and offering other parents tips on how to best manage it. Apraxia is a condition that makes it harder for a child to make the correct movements necessary when attempting to speak. The child then struggles to get the words out and it can be frustrating because they understand, it just cannot come out properly. Luckily, he is on the right track, Evie’s surgery was beyond successful, and they are filled with so much joy. Yet one thing about Axel most definitely needed to be addressed.

Axel’s New Look

Maddie Brush is currently undergoing her own transformation. She is in the process of going back blonde which will take many processes. It started with highlights that the mom of two is super excited for. She works hard with her business and attending school so why not have some glam time? Now it was Axel’s turn. He has always had beautiful long blonde hair but with spring around the corner, it was time for a change.

Credit: Maddie Brush IG

In her Instagram story, Maddie showed off Axel’s short new haircut, with the saying: “No more mop head.” The little boy was beaming from ear to ear and clearly feels like a little man with his fresh cut. It looks like Maddie’s babies are growing up before everyone’s eyes. Thankfully, she is letting those who have watched her grow over the last twelve years continue to follow her on this journey. Surely, there is a lot more to come.


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