Take A Look At TLC Star Shauna Rae’s Meaningful Tattoos

Shauna Rae from TLC

Shauna Rae may appear young, but she’s actually a 22-year-old woman. And that means she has the right to get a tattoo or two if she wants.

The TLC star actually does have a few tattoos and they have special meanings to her. Keep watching to learn a little bit more about Shauna and her unique body art.

Shauna Rae seeks to get a brand new tattoo but wants it to be meaningful

The I Am Shauna Rae star really wishes the public would see her as an adult. But because of her health issues as a child, she isn’t going to get any taller. She admits the tattoos do help her appear older. However, each tattoo has a special meaning behind it.

“I think deep down they could be correlated, but it’s also just something that I naturally picked up because of the people I hang out with,” Shauna told PEOPLE. “It may help me look older, but at the end of the day, I have my tattoos for personal reasons. I have them to help me carry on moments in my life.”

In a clip from TLC, we see Shauna Rae consulting with a tattoo artist about her next tattoo. She says that all of her tattoos have meanings and she never wants to get one without a reason.

Shauna Rae/TLC

One tattoo features two elements making a cancer symbol to represent her journey. She also has two doves on her forearm that face each other. The TLC star says it represents a jewelry box she received from her late grandmother. Shauna Rae got a polar bear on her abdomen because they’re her favorite animals, but she also believes she is a lot like a polar bear.

“I think I’m like a polar bear because they look so cute and cuddly but they’re actually so like, introverted,” she admits to the camera.

Shauna Rae/TLC

What’s the new tattoo going to look like?

At the end of the clip, Shauna accepts some rough drafts from the artist and says she needs some time to think it over and show her family. However, she says she will likely come back to get her new tattoo. She also wants her mother to come along to the appointment because the new one is supposed to be for her mother.

If you want to take a look at the full clip from TLC, you can do that here:

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