‘On The Verge’ Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix?

On The Verge Netflix

Netflix series On The Verge is a comedy series about four women in their forties. Julie Delpy writes and directs the series. Unfortunately, Season 1 was met with mixed reviews. Keep reading to find out if On The Verge is renewed or canceled for Season 2.

About On The Verge, No Spoilers

On The Verge made its Netflix debut on September 7, 2021. The series is the creation of Netflix and the French production company Studio Canal. Not only is French-American actress Julie Delpy the writer and director, but she also stars in the series alongside Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, Alexia Landeau, and Mathieu Demy.

Netflix’s website describes the show as follows:

Four women — a chef, a single mom, an heiress and a job seeker — dig into love and work, with a generous side of midlife crises, in pre-pandemic LA.”

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YouTube Netflix ‘On The Verge’

Likelihood Of Netflix Renewal Based On A Few Factors

One of the determining factors for Netflix renewal is how a show performs on Netflix’s top 10s list. For On The Verge fans, the comedy didn’t get much visibility. The show about women in midlife crisis was on the TV top 10s for 10 days in the US market. Overall, the series was only present on the list for about a week. In Australia, the show was on the 10s list for five days.

Another metric to consider when it comes to thinking about show renewals on Netflix is how other sites rank it. For example, on IMDb’s MovieMeter, On The Verge only made it #89 for its first two weeks. IMDb’s Movie Meter tracks the popularity of titles based on traffic.

Stream It Or Skip It

When it comes to streaming it or skipping it, Decider recommends skipping On The Verge. One of the reasons listed is that the four main characters are “intensely unlikable.” The overall synopsis is that the storytelling is “disjointed,” and the characters have no development.

However, when Decider took to Twitter with a poll, 43.8% of 409 votes determined it might be worth streaming. So, what are Netflix’s thoughts on bringing the comedy series back for a second season?

On The Verge Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix?

At the time of this writing, there is no official word from Netflix on the fate of On The Verge. What’s On Netflix (WonN) reports that given the reasons above, “it’s unlikely that On The Verge made enough impact on the top 10s to justify a second season.” WoN also implies that the series may not be doomed; it just seems highly unlikely that Netflix will pay for a second season.

Have you watched On The Verge on Netflix? What are your thoughts? Please share them with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Netflix news.

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  1. I loved this series & was sad to see that I was cancelled after only 1 season. The idea that the 4 female characters are unlikable is surprising to me. I thought their Male counterparts were extremely unlikable. Netflix needs to renew this show.

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