General Hospital To Rehire Steve Burton & Ingo Rademacher After Mandate Lifted?

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Could General Hospital rehire fired stars Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher? Keep reading to find out why fans are hopeful.

General Hospital stars fired for mask mandate non-compliance 

In November, General Hospital fans got a one-two punch when two long-time actors were fired from the soap. Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher were both let go for refusing to comply with ABC’s vaccine mandate. The Walt Disney Company owns the network and enacted a vaccine mandate for all employees beginning on November 1, 2021. 

Furthermore, Y&R star Richard Burgi was fired by CBS in January of 2022 for COVID-related reasons. The actor tested positive for COVID around the Christmas holidays and followed the updated CDC guidelines of five days of quarantine. However, the network mandated a 10-day quarantine, according to NBC News. 

Burgi was fired for “inadvertently” violating the show’s Covid protocols.

Steve Burton (TOP) and Ingo Rademacher (Bottom) Exit Statements/Instagram

Ingo Rademacher files lawsuit against the network 

Burton and Rademacher both applied for religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate, which was denied by ABC. Consequently, Ingo Rademacher filed a lawsuit accusing the network of religious discrimination. 

The lawsuit is ongoing. 

During the video announcing his exit, Steve Burton shared the hope of returning someday to wrap up Jason Morgan’s storyline. How does the recent Supreme Court decision to block workplace vaccine mandates play into the possibility that Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher could get their jobs back?

Could Steve Burton or Ingo Rademacher return to GH?

After the Supreme Court loss, President Biden has backed off his attempt to enforce vaccine mandates in the workplace. Furthermore, Disney World in Orlando, FL, stopped enforcing the mandate for park employees in November of 2021. 

Therefore, it’s possible that ABC will no longer require cast and crew members get the vaccine or lose their jobs. At this point, the network has yet to publicly respond to the Supreme Court decision blocking vaccine mandates. 

Neither Rademacher or Burton have given hints on social media of being in talks with the network to reprise their respective roles as Jax Jacks or Jason Morgan. However, General Hospital fans are petitioning to get the soap to rehire Steve Burton. 

Credit: Steve Burton/Instagram

A petition on has over 5k signatures. “Bring back Steve Burton to General Hospital!,” fans beg. The request notes that the network’s parent company, Disney, has lifted the vaccine mandate for their employees. Fans urge ABC to consider the same with General Hospital employees. 

Do you think Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher might get their jobs back now that the federal vaccine mandate is over? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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    1. You can place a statue in his place and get the same acting effects. He does not bring anything to the show. He needs to stay gone

      1. 😂🤣😂🤣I wouldn’t mind Steve returning so we can revisit his storyline with Brit, although he looks like he’s sick or something.

        1. Guess not getting the vaccine and contacting covid can make one look sick. You can’t make up rules in the workplac, or be defiant to suit your narrative. Miss his character. Follow work place protocol.

          1. I’m so happy they are returning. They stood for their beliefs, I applaud them. No one has the right to tell you what to do with your body. Shame on Disney.

        2. It’s interesting that a person will use religious reasons only when convenient. Ingo, had you conducted yourself in a more professional manner it would’ve been believable.

        1. They need to return back to work this wasn’t fare for anyone to lose their jobs over these vaccines tested should of been available because vaccine where still infected too !!! So what was the point. People have a Wright what goes into there body medication they take also please bring them back the show need s them . Your best actor’s are missed dearly.

      2. I agree…GH is doing just fine without them. The 2 arrogant Trumpanzees thought they were too important to be fired and didn’t need to follow the rules of their employer. Instead of exemptions they were shown the Exit and this viewer of over 50 years will happily continue to tune in to my favorite daytime drama.

      1. STEVE BURTON needs to come back as Jason. ASAP. Carly n sonny n his kids n family needs him BACK ASAP. Now as for Jax HE can stay GONE. He is BORING

      2. Absolutely bring back steve(jason) morgan he is truly missed even though he don’t have a companion to be with maybe they can write in brit for him they made a lovely couple.

      1. So if they cone back are they going get tested for Coved at least twice aweek?! Because everyone got vaccinated sothey could keeo working but it’s ok for them not to and come back to work?😡
        If they do cone back and i was a co worker i make sure keep me safe from them because they are not Vaccinated! I would love see Jason’s Character even they had a new Actor playing him but be happy see steve burton back but not Jax and especially the Actor who plays him because he was just really Rude about being Fired!

        1. The vaccine is fake, it does not protect you from Covid!!! Them not being vaccinated makes them the safer ones to be around. Don’t listen to what the media is telling you and actually do your own research.

          Are you still going shopping? If you are you, are surrounded by non vaccinated people.

          1. This was a question about having Steve and Ingo coming back! We didn’t need to hear your preaching about vaccines!

        2. Have you heard of natural immunity?? Having had COVID is better than the vaccine. I can personally attest to that.

        3. You do understand the jabs do absolutely nothing to protect you from getting any of the strains of covid?? If everyone is fully “vaccinated” on the show what danger is there to any of them being around a “unvaccinated” person?

      2. The show is not the same without Jason he has been there since he was a teenager that’s like Sonny, Laura, not being in the show, the show needs the older crew to keep it exciting.

      1. Jason is my favorite actor on GH. I was so upset when he was fired. It’s not right. Please bring him back. he keeps the storyline interesting and Sonny needs him. Is rather Nina leave and a lot of others instead of Jason or Jax.

    2. I hope they bring both Steve and Ingo back. General Hospital is not the same with the two gone. It’s a bummer!

      1. No, not really. There are plenty of great actors and good storylines on the show to to keep this 50 year viewer watching till the end, mine or GH’s.

      1. Amen to that! Without virtually everyone vaccinated the Virus will just continue to evolve into new and possibly more lethal variants.

    3. They should bring both actors back, because:

      1. I miss them both.
      2. The Jason character left with the Brit/ Carly storyline undone.
      3. Joseline needs her dad and Jaxs needs to stir things up.
      4. Mandates interfere with constitutional rights. The vaccine has been out for over a year – those that want them have had them and those that don’t haven’t gotten them. Enough with this BS, we need to live with Covid, the Flu and colds (cornoviruses). Life and GH need to go on…

      1. The vaccine mandate is unconstitutional. 300 million Americans are not going to get Covid. Those who get the vaccine risk death from it. They still get Covid 19 and are more susceptible of contracting the new strains of the virus. Steve Burton has every right to chose how, when, and why he will put his life at risk especially when he has a family that loves and depends on him. Telling people they have to play Russian Roulette with their lives to please some politicians is wrong. And for those who don’t like Jason’s character you are outnumbered by the fans who love him.

        1. No way. I just got my 4th shot of Moderna yesterday and I’m as lively as ever. Stop spreading lies. If you don’t get vax’d, you are taking a big risk. What about other vaccines like for pneumococcal pneumonia and shingles? You going to blow those off too? Good luck 🍀 with that.

      2. Well that’s your opinion and your right to have it just like it’s there right to choose what goes into there body’s it was unconstitutional to mandate what someone can and can’t do with there body and people who have gotten the vaccine have still gotten covid

      3. someone who decides not to get a vaccine isn’t necessarily anti-vax. Maybe they believe in their immune system, maybe they already had covid, maybe they are allergic (my Dad wasn’t eligible for it), maybe they are unsure of their body being experimented on (especially since they FDA and Pfizer have fought in court to keep all data hidden from the public for 75 years) (and all the side effects that only came out after the public started getting it.. lumps in breasts, issues with menstrual cycle, heart inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, etc..)

    4. Since the shot only mitigates symptoms in the one receiving it and it does not stop the spread or keep you from getting covid, why wouldn’t they bring Steve and Ingo back?? Follow the science!!

    5. Does anyone know the difference. Between a mandate and a law.The Mandate they can not enforce. To enforce it a law would have. To be passed by the House and Senate. Have you heard or seen one passed.

    6. Steve Burton tried to a void the vaccine for religious reasons and medical reasons–couldn’t prove either one. What is the big deal about getting a shot? Didn’t he get waxed for polio or chicken pox? What a diva

    1. I personally wouldn’t go back because of firing me for standing with my religious beliefs, that’sa type of discrimination. If they did it once, what’s to say they wouldn’t do it again.

    2. I really miss Steve (Jason) the show need him because him and Sunny, work good togeather and things are getting heavy YES bring them back. Jason bring the show with Sunny,and Carly. Please do all you can to protect everyone while you bring them back.💖💖💖💖

  1. Absolutely should be rehired think how good the story lines could be. I think General Hospital is losing some long time fans. They need to bring them back because now they are needed and wanted back it is not the same without them. Think of the story lines that could happen endless. Please bring them back!!!

    1. The same storylines can be written for a different actor. Hire a “new” Jason. Maybe this time General Hospital can hire an actor who can act and cares about his fellow co-workers. Steve Burton needs to stay GONE!!

      1. I wish general hospital bring and rehire Steve Burton as Jason Morgan but I like Jason he’s sweet and he’s tough and Steve’s a good actor and I miss him so general hospital needs to bring him back on please general hospital thank you Steve you’ve been great and I miss you thank you again Karen Hicks

      2. I agree wholeheartedly! People who are able to get the vaccine should get it, if not for themselves, then for their fellow workers. It’s just plain selfish (not to mention stupid) for these ppl opposed to the Covid vaccine to expose others to the virus. Thank God our parents and grandparents weren’t anti-vaccers! I just don’t understand why everyone is not onboard for the vaccine. It’s science!

      3. You want others to respect your opinion and choices?? Maybe start by respecting other’s opinions and choices!!!

    2. Just because the Supreme Court struck down the federal OSHA mandate doesn’t mean a PRIVATE COMPANY can’t keep their own health mandates.

      A private business can implement practically any rules they want, as long as it doesn’t violate any state, local, or federal employment or health and safety laws.

      If the State of California or CalOSHA has laws or rules about employee safety that include vaccine requirements, ABC/Disney is within their rights as a private business to enforce them. Even if the laws/rules don’t exist in California, ABC/Disney can still require them.

      I live in a state where they’ve acted as if the pandemic doesn’t exist since at least May of 2020, despite us being the global COVID hotspot at least 3 times. Private businesses here can still mandate masks for customers and employees, and proof of vaccination or a recent negative test before entering the premises.

      All sports and entertainment venues here require these things for customers, and so do most retail stores and restaurants.

      1. Then they should SUE bec a company not only cant ETHICALLY or morally force someone to have an EXPERIMENTAL shot injected, a shot that can badly compromise health & fertility (& cancer, later), but they ignored religious and health exemptions because they think they can force their worldview on anyone they please. Its wrong & anyone who gets fired this way SHOULD SUE.

      2. A mandate is NOT a law! It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! They should both be hired back and COMPENSATED for loss of wages!!

    3. I agree, bring them back. This should not have been an issue to begin with. These Mandates are Bull….! Its a Virus like any other. Goes against our Constitutional Right’s!!. Btw I’m not Vax’d and won’t be

      1. What? You have the right to make others sick, or kill them, w this terribly contagious deadly virus?!!!! My dear friend also “thought” it is a bad flu and she died of covid!!!! No other health issues! It didn’t have to happen if she would have got the vaccines.

  2. That’s fine you guys don’t want too get vaccinated so if you get sick or die then really no one should feel sorry for you or your family

    1. Well James, you do realize you can still get Covid from a vaccinated person and get sick and die…right? Follow the science! Lol

      1. Its not a vaccine as we know traditional vaccines: it does not make you immune to catching it whatsoever. Or spreading it. I wish people understood that instead of false confidence. The news media has lied & not reported ALL, ignoring every report of vax adverse reaction AND DEATHS (see VAERS). The shot may make Covid easier to get over, depending on how recently & much youve been vaccinated, but at what cost? We will all find out as the years go by.

        1. Watch something besides FOX, read a book. (You can read?) You were faxed for polio, right? Chicken pox, and a bunch of other diseases that have been eradicated.( Means wiped out.) Learn the facts.

      2. Yes Jeanine ⬆️⬆️ This!!! Thank you 🙏. So glad you said that. No one ever mentions the comorbidities that play into this. All the underlying medical problems that person has that exacerbated their death.

    2. The same could be said about those who are and have died and took the shots. But is that Christ like? No I don’t think so!!!

    1. 7 people of different ages in my family have all had both vaccines and all but the 16 year old has had the booster and all have gotten Covid. 3 of them have had it twice but with milder symptoms. Everyone should be able to say what goes into their bodies. Jason and Jax should not be punished for standing up for their rights.
      They are both wonderful actors.

  3. Shows how small minded you are. Vaccinated or not, people are sick. Vaccinated people might have less complicated symptoms but sick is sick.
    It’s a personal decision for each individual whether or not to be vaccinated. It’s not your place to judge. God bless them for standing up and fighting for their rights. More people should do so!

      1. Children are very safe. Only .0007 percent ever get sick enough with Covid to be hospitalized, while 2percent of the males who get vaccinated get myocarditis that damages their hearts. Only kids with serious diseases should get Covid shots.

  4. If they care so little for their own lives and the lives of their castmates they should never be welcomed back. Jason was one of my favorite characters but ……….

    1. That’s not true. Truth & reality is not that which is filtered through the filter of the left government or liberal media. Much has been hidden & blocked. Check out VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Report System. It shows 10% of the numbers.

  5. Instead of being “fired” they could have been put on an unpaid leave – they should both get their jobs back with no penalty for earned time, benefits or whatever accumulated perks may apply to their years of work.

      1. Sonny needs him more. would love to have Jason back he makes the show. Please get Peter off the show Maxie needs her baby.

    1. Those who remain ignorant to necessity of getting vaccinated r a danger to us all & will b the reason 4 spread of Covid & its variants. Vax is for their health & those around them. We all have a responsibility as it’s an issue of public health/life & death not “freedom,” which is a politicized, BS excuse. I liked SB as Jason but he must follow the rules or lose his job

      1. How stupid are you people. Don’t you know this is all a planned Demic part of trying to depopulate the world. It is not a vaccine it’s a kill shot why don’t you do your research. His coworkers should of stood behind him. Look up agenda 21 and more importantly go on and see the true news and what is all in that vaccine. There are parasites among a bunch of other harmful things that attack your organs and your arteries. Go to the FDA website and find the approval letter for the Covid vaccine it does say it will cause myocarditis etc…But it’s not proven to work. This is part of Faucci and Bill Gates amoung others plan to depopulate the world. Look up the Rockefeller report. Why do you think of government would push a vaccine and would even pay you to do it. They’re not supposed to be involved in your healthcare. The news is not telling you the truth and how many people are dying from the vaccine itself that’s why they came up with these other diseases so they can use that as the excuse why all the people are dying. I’m not saying Covid isn’t real it’s definitely real. Many years ago Faucci created the coronavirus and there was not enough funding so they sent it over to China and China let it out of a test tube. This is not a lie this is totally the 100% truth. It is so crazy and unbelievable That I would think somebody was not that told me this but after doing my research… it’s pretty scary That something like that could happen in the USA and that our government would do this to us why do you think the left cheated so bad to win so Trump would not be in the White House to protect us. The people that are unvaccinated need to be protected from the people that are vaccinated because they can shed spiked protein on us and give us the disease/parasite. My mom died from getting the shot and so did my neighbor. Go to the website I told you earlier find the Karen Kingston podcast she is the analysis from Pfizer and she is speaking out and many have followed her.Also watch the live streaming.

      2. Whether or not I have the vaccine doesn’t effect anyone else in the slightest. I took my two shots only because I decided it was best for ME. That being said the only thing that shot does is if I get it it POSSIBLY lessens the severity of symptoms. It doesn’t stop me from getting it, now does it stop me from spreading it. So this BS about you should get the vaccine for the health of others is exactly that BS. The proof of that the actress who plays Britt just recently tested positive for Covid and had to take some time off. (And they are all supposed to be vaccinated right)

        Taking this shot, the only person it might benefit is the person who takes the shot. Means nothing for those around you.

  6. Bring back BOTH Steve and Ingo or no one, you lefties seem to think Steve Burton is one of you,LOL he is a Conservative as is Ingo and at least a dozen other cast members.

  7. Bring back BOTH Steve and Ingo or no one, many of you seem to think Steve Burton is one of you,LOL he is a Conservative as is Ingo and at least a dozen other cast members.

    1. Who cares what his political affiliation is? This is not about politics, it’s about health, and public safety, and if the other conservative cast members are vaccinated, then why shouldn’t he be?

  8. I’d be OK if Steve Burton was rehired. He wasn’t a jerk about things and at least seemed to understand why what happened happened. Ingo, on the other hand, has been a complete a$$hole about the whole situation. He’s an unnecessary character at this point anyway. Who needs that kind of animosity in the workplace?

    1. I agree. Steve addressed his firing with maturity, and his character is an integral part of the show, bringing him back would make sense. Ingo on the other hand, we’ll he filed a lawsuit against ABC, posted a bunch of misinformation about the vaccine, and also made transphobic comments and one of his cast mates is transgendered, then tried to make a phony apology when called out on it. Not to mention, he had no storyline so taking him off the canvas doesn’t affect any other characters.

    2. Yes so maybe Nancy Graham should be fired for animosity. The left preaches tolerance but has NO tolerance for those on the right or anyone who doesnt believe THEIR way. Evil.

    3. I agree. Burghi, too, from YR. Why not off the set for a month? Scenes in a room by himself? Temporary pay cut? I think they should pay a price, but fired? Seems a bit over the top. I would think unpaid leave till it’s safe. This pandemic has changed too much but there will be an end at some point. Danny Boaz was fired bc of COVID too and now we have a whiny short Chance on YR. GH without Steve Burton isn’t the same. He was on (and off) the show for 30 years. A kid when he started, he has a history, although he left a few times. None of these actors should’ve been fired.

  9. I have been watching general hospital since I was a little girl with my mom and Jason , Jax were some of my favorite actors so please bring then back to the show I miss them and so do alot of fans .

  10. I had been watching GH since the mid 80s but I stopped cold turkey when they fired these guys. It’s not about whether I like the story nor the characters they play, it’s about body sovereignty. Shame on every single person out there who thinks they can tell others what to do with their bodies. This whole thing is surreal! After having covid as an unvaxxed person with multiple comorbidities, I can honestly say the worst symptom was anxiety as a result of the fear porn. And the same with my unvaxxed 77yo mother, also with many many underlying health issues. Delta was like a cold for a few days for us, omicron is even less “severe.” Open your eyes, please!!

    1. If it’s just a cold, why have hundreds of thousands died? Do you not understand that not everyone is as lucky as you? Please, try to educate yourself. And try to think of others around you.

      And by the way,Steve cannot act. Find another actor to play Jason. Should have done it years ago.

    2. Lucky for you both NOT FOR ME. The pain both muscular and bones and joints is something in my 61 yrs never experienced. All I remember for the 5 weeks I suffered was begging for it to end. The best description is I personally met FREDDY KRUGER and he ripped me to shreds. I now suffer long haulers, i have consistent brain fog and live in constant pain SO NO its not all false facts. Oh and sid I mention my son whom I contracted it from only had a sore throat and loss his taste.

  11. Bring them both back, its not the same especially with Jason gone, sometimes I don’t even want to watch because my Jason Morgan is no longer on there, it’s just not the same and if you put Sonny with Nina I definitely won’t be watching and I been watching GH since it aired

  12. Bring back Steve but Ingo has NO RIGHT to return, considering his post regarding the LGBTQ was REPREHENSIBLE. He NOT a well liked person and honestly DON’T MISS HIM

    1. I AGREE!! I found his exit video RUDE, AND VERY DISGRACEFUL! I definitely feel that Steve Burton should be able to return. His video was very respectful to his fans. I have watched GH for 40# years, but as much as I feel everyone has a right to what goes in their bodies. Everyone has a right to not have to worry about getting deathly I’ll. I care for my elderly parent, so I understand both sides. I had to make the only choice I did. HIS HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING. We are all vaccinated in my house, and he has a “bubble” of people he has seen the last 2+ years. Get a Grip people. PLEASE.

    2. He reposted another person’s post with one word Ingo didnt catch that was questionable. He also apologized sincerely repeatedly. He attacked NO ONE. If he’s not well liked its bec its a liberal scene. I like him & liked him on the show, although he needed better storylines from writers.

    1. How do they endanger others? Aren’t the others vaccinated to protect themselves? Don’t vaccines WORK? That comment makes no sense.
      The truth is that Covid 19 “vaccines” don’t work the way you think they work…they’re not giving you immunity to Covid19. At best the may make the disease milder when you catch it. At worse, they damage the person receiving the EXPERIMENTAL shot.

  13. I don’t care if Ingo comes back. He shot off his mouth and said a lot of negative things and name-called. Not to mention he has previously admitted hitting his kids and blowing up on them in anger. Not cool, man. Burton, on the other hand, took the high road, stayed calm, and sent out positive messages.

    1. Yep. Ingo was so Ingo showed what kind of a person he truly is when he called people all kinds of insults. Dispicablle way to communicate anything. I have respect for him in any way. Stay away.

  14. Not the same without Jason and the storylines totally sucks look how they making Sonny look stupid as I seen fire Nina

  15. Yes bring them back we need him people don’t understand dam if you do dam if you don’t I got the shot and still got it and I did everything right so leave them along and bring them back I stop watching GH it’s not good even more put sonny back with Carly and let bri and Jason be together and Carly and bri be friends and have understand and Jason as friends for carly

  16. Please bring Steve Burton back, I stopped watching when he left. He’s a fantastic actor and a wonderful person. I belong to Patreon, so I’ve gotten to know Steve & Bradford a little. To the peopLe who make derogatory comments, you have no idea what your saying. You don’t know the man, or the directors intentions on set with a particular story line. Don’t judge unless you know what your talking about. As far as the vax, personal choice, without it, we’d be in serious trouble.

  17. Bring back Steve as Jason Carley needs him it would be nice how that could turn out between them too.My family and l all miss Jason bring him back. A fan ever since the show started Betty Schneider

  18. Rehire! Getting fired is extreme. If a person is unvaxed, then they are taking their chances. If you’re vaxed, then you shouldn’t worry about everyone else. People shouldn’t be losing their jobs over this. It’s like masks… they aren’t keeping people from getting covid…even those that are vaxed. My granddaughter’s school had mask mandates and she still caught Covid and brought it home to her family (and they were all vaccinated, too). People need to chill! Get vaccinated or not, but let people decide for themselves.

  19. Bring them both back it doesn’t matter what Jack’s said EVERYBODY has a freedom of speech and opinion.. and so what if Jack’s discipline his children that’s what these DISRESPECTFUL children needs.. that’s why these kids is out of CONTROL now!

  20. Bring back Jason get rid of Nina. She is pathetic. Talk about setting women movement back. Chasing a man who clearly doesn’t want you. The only way is either amnesia or manic episodes.
    So disgusting.

  21. I wish Carly and Sony would hurry up and get back together and Nina would get lost an stop interfering!!!!

  22. Being on a SOAP or on television series in general brings with it intimacies. Close hugs and kisses. Then they go home to their own families. They ABSOLUTELY need to be required to be vaccinated!

  23. I have been watching General Hospital since 1978! However, because Disney/GH has shown themselves to be some of our nations biggest hypocrites, after the firing of Ingo and Steve, I have not turned the show back on one time cents! I am so sick of the freaking Hollywood hypocrisy, I can’t stand it. They are so loud and demanding for the BLM voices to be heard, the trans peoples voices to be heard… But they refuse to allow free speech or civil liberties for Christians! As far as I’m concerned, Disney and GH mean nothing anymore. Good riddance.

  24. I have been watching General Hospital since 1978! However, because Disney/GH has shown themselves to be some of our nations biggest hypocrites, after the firing of Ingo and Steve, I have not turned the show back on one time since!! I am so sick of the freaking Hollywood hypocrisy, I can’t stand it. They are so loud and demanding for the BLM voices to be heard, the trans peoples voices to be heard… But they refuse to allow free speech or civil liberties for Christians! As far as I’m concerned, Disney and GH mean nothing anymore. Good riddance.

  25. Why bring back two to infect everyone else. And certainly not Ingo who is suing Disney. He for sure needs to stay gone

    1. I need to tell you that you can get COVID vaccinated and unvaccinated. The shots are not working. We need to start using successful treatments. We get the numbers on inpatients everyday and 100 inpatient with COVID and 64 of them are vaccinated. Please do not believe the media. The high up all have investment in big pharma. You see everyone getting COVID. Wake up they are pushing something that doesn’t work. We need something else. How many shots are you willing to take before you have no immune system left.

  26. I believe everyone should get vaxed (with the three shots) to do it for themselves as well as protecting others, especially in a work environment such as GH. I know Freedom they say. Maybe for them but not for others who are at high risk to die if the virus is passed on to them. I don’t believe Steve was spreading misinformation about the virus. In a video Ingo was. FOX News has been doing that since the beginning. I wonder how many died listening to them. Because of Ingo’s false info, he should not be back. Steve is another story. Not sure it was political.

  27. Burton needs to stay gone!!! His wooden “acting” brought absolutely nothing to the table. Replace him with literally any actor, no one will notice or care!! As for the rest of the cast, I know I wouldn’t feel safe with those two terrorists trying to kill me with their covid, and I can see other actors having to quit because of these monsters if they’re allowed back. Sad.

  28. No one really cares if Jax comes back or not. We need Jason. Jason is the glue that holds everything and everyone together. I’m seriously considering moving on from GH bc I need Jason.

  29. Steve Burton definitely needs to come back. He left gracefully. Ingo burned that bridge kicking and screaming like a toddler who didn’t get their way.

  30. Don’t care how popular a character is on any show, there are guidelines and protocols that must be followed as in any workplace. No exceptions!

  31. Steve Burton is a great actor and can only play Jason…Another actor just wouldn’t seem right…Steve needs to come back..His friends and family on GH needs him in the stor

  32. I’m not going sit here and say they should be hired back. If they can’t follow procedures like everyone else.
    All actors have to follow the rules no exceptions. What if someone else gets sick. Do you think that they will want to with them.
    Just because, they’re actors on a soap should not give them that choice. If they’re told to get vaccinated and they refused then, they have nobody to blame but themselves.
    Ingo Rademacher is going loose this lawsuit which means he will never get his job back.
    Steve Burton also isn’t following procedures so he also doesn’t deserve to get rehired.
    If the would have followed the rules this wouldn’t have happened

    1. Yes bring Steve Burton back as Jason Morgan. The only thing is the writers really need to go back and find out who he really is. Because who they had him acting like definitely wasn’t our Jason. Jason was always worried about jake when he was little and he gave him up. He made sure he was safe and that Elizabeth was also and would talk to her. He basically ignores Danny and Sam and that is not Jason he loved Sam and Danny so much. For him to not spend much time with them and to make sure they where protected isn’t him.
      His love for Sam is his true love.

  33. I could care less about Jax and frankly think Ingo had a couple of other things that caused his dismissal (although NLG should have kept her trap shut for once and should have had some consequence for spilling the beans about said dismissal on Twitter). But Steve Burton as Jason should come back to GH. John’s Hopkins came out with a study today saying that ALL this we’ve been subjected to for the past two years of “listening to the Science”: lockdowns, masks/no masks/two masks/different masks, quarantine, 6′ apart, and yes, mandated vaccines saved approximately .2% of the lives that may have been lost. Point TWO percent. So basically, all for nothing. The SCOTUS made their decision. Let him return. And before you go mental, I am vaccinated. And boosted. As are all of my friends. And BTW, many of them are now just recovering from Covid. So John’s Hopkins is right.

  34. thank you both for fighting for truth and freedom we the people have been with you i have neverdone a mask or a poison jab im 66 and have never been sick since 2001 not kidding its all been crap we love you i was going to stop watching gh if they didnt bring you back we have the numbers the science and facts this experimental jab has killed and hurt so many people this is usa no one tells me what to do with my body, i have been raped this mandate, not law crap will not rape me i choose, love all you patriots we are winning this evil lie battle

  35. First, yes I would love to have Jason back on GH with Britt, not Carly! But if your job has rules you follow them. They have a dress code, you have to wear appropriate clothes. They have drug testing, you can’t do drugs even if marijuana is legal in your state. And if they have a Covid mandate you get vaccinated. If you do not want to follow the rules get another job. That being said, if they lift the mandate then ABC has a decision to make about rehiring and testing constantly or just when you feel I’ll.

  36. This is what is great with this country……….It’s FREE! Bring Steve back! I’ve been watching since 12 yrs old and I will turn 68 this year. Now if I can get Liz and Jason married that would be even better!!

  37. JASON LIVES!!!!! Bring him back to Port Charles!! GH is definitely not the same without him. The story line on this show has gone downhill and has gotten old and SO boring. The back and forth relationship Sonny and Nina has become nauseating!!! He and Carly belong together. Send Nina packing and PLEASE get rid of Peter August. REALLY MISS JASON!!!

  38. Everyone should stop watching the show until they bring them back. I stopped when they first got fired, was a 30 year watcher, but no more. All these companies forcing and experiment on people need to be sued based on the nuremberg code. Our own FDA along with Pfizer have fought in court to keep all data hidden from the public for 75 years. Many of the side effects came out after the public started getting it.. lumps in breasts, issues with menstrual cycle, heart inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, etc.. then how well was it studied? Pfizer says they didn’t know any of the womens issues during trials because womens health was not looked at! Pfizer said that the study on kids was to small to look at any side effects like myocarditis, we’ll have to wait until the public gets it! So yes people have every right not to get it.

  39. Here’s an idea. Bring Steve Burton back and have Jason get together with Elizabeth, finally fullfilling the dream of Liason fans!

  40. Let’s get real here. The vaccine stops NOTHING. All that it MIGHT do is keep the recipient from enduring a long hospital stay. And THAT isn’t guaranteed! It ABSOLUTELY does not keep a person from contracting Covid NOR does it keep someone from passing it on to someone else! It is PROVEN that a person can be shot up twice along with 2 boosters……so FOUR TIMES, with this vaccine that they treat as the “end all, be all”….. and that person can STILL contract the virus and can STILL give it to someone else! So where is the justification for taking away someone’s livelihood and means of supporting themselves and their families? Where is the justification, for that matter, for ANYONE to treat someone who chooses not to get the vaccine, for WHATEVER reason, like they are the waking evil?! They are no more a threat to you than that person who chose to get jabbed four times!!!!!! This is the kind of garbage that Nancy Lee Grahn and many others have put out on social media and it is ludicrous, misleading, misinformed garbage. To reiterate, the vaccine stops NOTHING. So let’s reinstate freedom of choice in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as well as HIPPA laws, making it a *PRIVATE* MEDICAL DECISION. If you think it may help you, help keep you out of the hospital, whatever, by all means, GO FOR IT. None of that has diddly squat to do with protecting others. You can’t!! It won’t!! If they have you snowed into believing that it will keep you from getting it or that it will even lessen your chances of getting it, buy a shovel and a pair of hip boots. My husband, who served this country for over 20 years in the Armed Forces now works for the government and was basically going to be forced to either take the shot or lose his job a year before he plans to retire. So I have very strong, personal feelings about this, aside from being a fan of Ingo’s and Steve’s and feeling that what happened to them was completely wrong. What a crock of political idiocy this whole situation has become. Do some research into how many people have gotten rich off of this vaccine. Seriously. How more are not outraged by this just honestly BOGGLES THE MIND.

  41. Brong back both Steve and Ingo. Both are very important to story line. Give the fans a break please.

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