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Alyssa Bates’ Daughter Zoey Lands In Emergency Room, What Happened?

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Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates Webster shared the sad news that her daughter, Zoey, had to go to the emergency room. A trip to the emergency room is never easy, but it’s even scarier because Zoey is only three years old. She’s John and Alyssa’s third daughter. She has two big sisters, Allie and Lexi, and a baby sister, Maci.

Because Alyssa shares so much with fans on social media, she wanted to let them know what’s going on with Zoey. So, she made sure to share a few photos with fans and tell them how the trip to the ER went. What happened with Zoey, and how is she doing now?

Alyssa Bates Instagram
Alyssa Bates Instagram

Alyssa Bates shares Zoey’s emergency room trip with fans.

On her Instagram stories on Tuesday, Alyssa revealed that Zoey had been in the emergency room on Monday. She decided to post about it a day later so fans would know what happened with the little girl.

In one snap, Alyssa and Zoey pose for a selfie. Both of them are masked up at the ER. In her caption, Alyssa writes, “Zoey accidentally fell yesterday. She was complaining about her shoulder hurting afterwards so I took her to the ER to get some X-rays.”

Then, in the next snap, Alyssa is holding Zoey. She writes, “After getting some X-rays done, the doctor said she fractured her mid left clavicle. She will need to wear a sling for a few weeks.”

Alyssa then promises fans that she will share more updates in their vlog. She adds, “I wanted to update you all since you’ll be seeing her in an arm sling.”

Alyssa also shared a snap of brave Zoey sitting on a bed at the hospital. She reveals, “She smiled the entire time and captured everyone’s attention. The nurses and doctors were so kind!”

Alyssa Bates Instagram
Alyssa Bates Instagram

In another snap, Alyssa shared a picture of Zoey at home. She’s laying on the couch with her arm in the sling. Alyssa reassures fans that she’s being spoiled by her family. The mom to four is “so thankful she’s okay!”

Alyssa Bates Instagram
Alyssa Bates Instagram

So, are you glad to hear that Alyssa Bates’ daughter Zoey is doing okay? Do you hope she shares more updates as the little girl recovers? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Bringing up Bates was the the best show on television. I was so excited it was coming back to Up TV. I was so disappointed to hear you dropped the show. I miss the show it was like watching family. I loved learning what was happening with the family. I never missed a show. I thought you was a up lifting channel and now I feel your not!!!!
    Please think about bringing back the Best Family Ever!!!!I missed so much of what’s going on. New babies, marriages, and court ships🥲🥲🥲. Please bring back the Bates❤️

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