Josiah & Lauren Duggar Divorce Rumors Fueled By New Video?

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Josiah and Lauren Duggar divorce rumors have been circulating for a little while now. However, things seemed to die down with their social media silence. As we’ve reported, they last posted on their shared Instagram account in November 2020. This comes as a surprise because they were previously active on social media and shared lots of photos of themselves and their daughter.

Then, over the past couple of months, they slowly began scrubbing their Instagram page. They first deleted the photos of their two-year-old daughter, Bella. Some fans thought this could have been prompted by Josh Duggar’s trial and disgusting child porn charges.

The couple has since deleted almost all of their pictures, leaving just one photo of themselves together on their page. This sparked rumors that their marriage might not be doing so well. Many of the pictures remaining are of Josiah. There are now only six photos on their page.

Lauren Duggar and Josiah
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Now, there’s another hint that their marriage could be at stake.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar divorce rumors pick up with Jana’s new video.

As we already reported, Josiah was likely spotted at the Duggar family’s Christmas party. WOACB shared a snap from one of Jana Duggar’s Christmas Day videos. Interestingly, it looks like Josiah is sitting on the couch at his parents’ home. This is the first time he’s been seen online in months.

However, while Jana posted several short videos, Lauren and Bella are nowhere to be seen. Could this mean that Josiah and Lauren spent Christmas apart? Or could Lauren be at odds with the Duggar family and didn’t want to be at their home for Christmas?

Because Jana took several videos and included most of the members of the family in her clips, it doesn’t seem likely that Lauren and Bella were there and just not filmed. But it could be possible.

Fans are wondering what’s going on with Josiah and Lauren and why they’re missing from the videos. On one of Jana’s posts, a fan commented, “I don’t see Josiah and Lauren. I miss seeing their post and hope all is well🙏” Someone else asked, “Where is Lauren and Josiah?”


So, do you think that there is any truth to the Josiah and Lauren Duggar divorce rumors? Or do you think they are doing well and just staying out of the spotlight? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Probably not posting any more pictures because of the mean things people say about the pictures. Even if they don’t post pictures, it’s assumed they’re getting a divorce. They just can’t win with the media.

  2. Don’t this girl have a job working in a hospital or something like can see how embarrassing this may b. Every day she has to b around people and she mite know more than we know. And than knowing that JimBob,andMachel are lyingI wounting wanna b seen in pitcher

    1. No. Lauren has never worked in a hospital, or the medical field. You’re thinking of somebody completely different.

  3. Why does his hair look like it was recently shaved? It looks like it is growing out.
    Is there an adult “Alert” program?

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