Amanda Kloots Dishes Details On Michael Allio Relationship

Michael Allio and Amanda Kloots via YouTube

Bachelor Nation was buzzing when Amanda Kloots and Michael Allio shared they were hanging out. The two spent the evening at Burntwood Tavern. The tavern is located in Canton, Ohio. Michael and Amanda had become social media friends and now finally met face to face. So, is there anything romantic between them? Amanda shared all the details following their outing. Keep reading to learn more.

Amanda Kloots details relationship with Michael Allio

US Weekly shared all about what Amanda Kloots had to say about her outing with Bachelorette fan-favorite Michael Allio. Fans have been shipping these two together for some time now. They both have so much in common. Both have lost their spouse and are navigating life as single parents.

The two finally met up in person this week fueling rumors and hope that perhaps there could be a love connection. Amanda opened up about their meeting and her thoughts on Michael.

Amanda said, “People in our lives kept telling us both that we should meet based on how much we have in common. So we eventually started connecting over social media.” The Dancing With the Stars alum continued, “When you are a widow and single parent, it is so wonderful to meet people that are in your same boat. It makes you feel less alone.”

Michael Allio and Amanda Kloots via YouTube
Michael Allio and Amanda Kloots

She admits they could have talked for days. Their connection was easy and she felt as though she’d known him for years. She definitely plans to remain friends with Michael. Amanda said, “We are both from Ohio, have little boys and [have] been through a very hard time in life.” She continued, “We have each other’s back.”

Is she ready to date?

Fans already know that Michael is ready to jump in and find love again. He appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. There were also rumors that he was in the running to be the second lead on The Bachelor for 2022. Those plans have since been nixed for an unknown reason. However, he is still ready to find someone special.

Amanda admits she is also ready to date. When asked about her thoughts on finding love on something like The Bachelor she didn’t immediately say no. She said she had learned to never say never in life.

The two shared photos on Instagram from their first outing immediately gaining comments that they should get married. So far neither has flat out said whether or not they will date. It doesn’t sound impossible. What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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