Why Danica McKellar Left Hallmark For GAC, BTS ‘The Winter Palace’

Photo: Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

After shocking Hallmark fans that she was leaving the network in an exclusive deal with GAC, Danica McKellar’s first movie will be out in early January.

She is starring in a Royal romance along with a former Hallmark Christmas movie co-star, Neal Bledsoe.

Why did she leave Hallmark? Moreover, McKellar has shared a lot of very fun BTS scenes from The Winter Palace. What has she shared about this new GAC movie?

Why Did Danica McKellar Leave Hallmark For GAC?

Back In October, Hallmark fans were shocked when Danica McKellar announced she was headed to GAC Media in an exclusive deal.

Recently, The Wonder Years star spoke to the Wall Street Journal as to why she left Hallmark, where she was one of the three main stars, for GAC Media.

Turns out, it was due to Bill Abbott, former Hallmark CEO, and now CEO of GAC Media.

Abbott was known to be very instrumental in working with Danica McKellar, as well as Candace Cameron Bure, and Lacey Chabert.

All three were considered Hallmark’s Christmas Queens. Not only were their movies advantageously scheduled, but perhaps a little more promoted. In addition, they each starred in their own mystery series. Danica and Bill have had a longtime friendship and work relationship.

It is not clear whether McKellar will continue her Matchmaker Mystery series that she stars in along with Victor Webster. The GAC deal specifically states that “This deal encompasses all romcoms and holiday movies through 2023.”

While there is a bit of romance in the mystery series, they are not be considered romcoms, or holiday movies. So, that is always possible. However, it does not appear that she has filmed a new episode of the series with Webster since she signed the GAC deal.

Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe, GAC The Winter Palace-https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17909564159237488/
Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe, GAC The Winter Palace-https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17909564159237488/

Danica McKellar’s First GAC Movie Is The Winter Palace

Did you know that Danica McKellar will soon be in a brand new GAC Family movie? She is starring in The Winter Palace along with Neal Bledsoe (The Man In The High Castle, A Christmas Carousel).

There is very little information forthcoming. However, we know that the dashing Bledsoe is portraying a Prince, once again. He portrays Prince Henry, while Danica plays Emily Miller.

This is not the first time the two have been paired off. The pair previously starred in the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movie, Coming Home For Christmas.

Throughout filming, McKellar shared hilarious Instagram Stories. She hinted that there are “so many fun, awesome scenes” in this new GAC Family movie. Neal Bledsoe is a master at accents, and one story shows him trying out some of the accents that Prince Henry could have. Laughing, Danica is delighted. He is quite hysterical.

Unlike other wintery movies, they did film in Northern Ontario, where Bledsoe joked “It is 90 degrees below zero.” However, they contended that they preferred to wear coats and film a wintery movie in the cold, then in the middle of a hot summer.

Don’t miss the premiere of the new Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe movie, The Christmas Palace premiering on January 8, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on GAC Family.

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    1. Yes and I will be leaving Hallmark if they continue the gay couples syndrome. There’s other venues. Homosexuality is not just a sin but a mortal sin. God does live “EVERYONE “ but He doesn’t love their sin

      1. Well I totally agree with you and it’s so nice to hear somebody put it out there that way.Thank you. I’m not watching Hallmark anymore not with all this gay stuff going on it’s disgusting and it’s an abomination. Thank you

  1. I’m with ya girl. I was shocked at the gay and seemingly “woke” direction of Hallmark. What is the deal with everything good and moral. The few movies I watched this year were blatantly displaying actions I’m opposed too. I was shocked Kimberly Williams Paisley and her sister were involved in one. What some people will do for money?!!!

  2. It’s sad that people are so closed minded. The world around us is full of colour, fun , different experiences, different celebrations , and full of different families. If in a family the foundation is built on diversity, trust, honesty and the most important foundation LOVE then who are we to criticize. When it comes down to faith of any kind and we are told to shun, block out, or HATE then that is not religion or faith. God loves everyone and let’s face it when it comes down to it , at the end, it comes down to you and God of your faith . Not you and the busybody who sticks their nose in where it’s not wanted. If you don’t like a movie theme, then don’t watch it, you don’t get to choose for me or anyone else.

  3. I enjoyed the GAC movies for Christmas, moreso than the Hallmark movies. OLDER Hallmark movies are great, but with their new creative leadership came new movies that I didn’t like at all. As GAC builds their new library of movies, I’ll look forward to them as I gravitate away from Hallmark.

  4. It boils down to this, “ Judge NOT lest ye be Judged “ ! Sin is between a person and God , and I’ve found when people bring up WOKE THEY are a JOKE !

  5. Hallmark has taken this diversity way too far. I will move on over to the new GAC and hopefully they aren’t as ‘woke’….

  6. Wow, this comment section is full of bigots. People are BORN gay. LOVE IS LOVE. Even Hallmark movies that are “diverse” are their same old traditional set-ups with things like big city person returns to their small town and finds love. Many of the “straight” ones have the person already in a relationship with someone not right for them, but that never bothered any of you, that someone in a relationship ends up quickly, over a holiday, falling for someone else? You all are a bunch of hypocrites.

  7. Let’s all try to be nice with each other. If you think you’re so perfect and if you think you’re to good to watch, Hallmark T.V., then turn the channel. It doesn’t sound to me that you have someone in your family that is gay. They are just people and yes they were born that way. Do you really know how much a gay person goes through in their life before they come out of the closet? It takes a lot of courage on their part because of people like you. You’re forgetting most of the Bible was written by men. If God had written the Bible it would be written like this; God loves all his children he would never forsake any of us. I think when people are different than you that seems to confuse you and makes you alittle afraid. Maybe you need to look inside yourself instead of placing judgement on others. If you really love God, you won’t judge others no matter how different they seem to you. I am a 76 year old woman that has lived a long time and I still believe there is still room enough in God’s heart for all of us. Earth is a learning place for all of us. Didn!t God say, Love One Another as I have Love You. We are all brothers and sisters in God’s eyes. Stop finding fault with others. Gay people don’t tell you how to live your life so why can’t you stop telling them how to live theirs. Some gays love acting and they happen to be apart of Hallmark T.V. movies. I love watching their movies and they are all good actors. Stop judging….unless you want to be judged. Find love in your heart. We have enough haters in this world. What would we do if God stopped loving us? Would we be confused and afraid. Would we beg and ask God to forgive us or judge God too.

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