Lala Kent Talks Bluntly About Her Money Situation

Lala Kent

Lala Kent has been preaching the importance of financial independence since her recent split from her fiance, Randall Emmett, after rumors that he’d been cheating. The Vanderpump Rules star has been fairly public about the separation and has been trying to lend a helping hand to other women by offering some advice. Her own money situation has been the center of the story she has been sharing. Read on to see what she’s saying.

What Happened Between LaLa Kent And Randall Emmett?

Lala has been upfront about the ways her life has gotten better since Randall has been out of it. Recently, Lala removed his name from the title of her podcast, naming it Give Them Lala. She’s been throwing shade left and right online and even hinted that her sex life is better since he’s been gone.

Lala Kent

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In the season of Vanderpump Rules that is currently on air, Lala said she would consider not marrying Emmett just so she wouldn’t have to be legally tied to him. Her statement foreshadowed what was to come. Not long after that, the couple separated. She took to her podcast and various social media channels to share a message with women: don’t tie yourself up financially with your man.

Lessons Learned By Lala

At the end of the whole ordeal, Lala is saying she’s especially thankful for one thing, and that’s that she’s kept her finances independent of Emmett’s. She has several different streams of income at all times. So, although ending her engagement will hurt some, it won’t be impacting her financially. She has told her fans no matter how happy your relationship seems, you should have your own funds at all times.

Lala Kent

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She said she doesn’t think that many women realize the importance of having their financial assets in order. Hopefully, you never have to use it and it is a fund you have in case of a rainy day. If you do wind up needing it, you’ll always have money of your own to fall back on. She said this was one of the biggest lessons she learned from her mom and it has helped her move forward after the split from Emmett. In fact, Lala said she never had access to a penny of his money. Everything was always separate, which has made their separation more amicable.

You can see Lala is various promotions and ads right now, as well as tune into her podcast. She is also continuing her part on the hit show, Vanderpump Rules. However, Lala Kent said that filming for the Season 9 reunion went terribly. So, it isn’t clear how long her role on the program will last, or if the show lasts much longer. Many similar shows, like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, have begun to fade out. One thing is for sure though. Lala’s money won’t be a problem either way.

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