Kody Brown Gets Judgy As He Calls Wives Lazy

Kody Brown/ YouTube

In a new preview, Sister Wives patriarch angrily calls his wives “lazy.” Keep reading to find out why he’s upset with his plural family.

Sister Wives husband attempts to enforce pandemic safety guidelines for family

In a new preview, Kody Brown angrily slams his wives for refusing to follow his demands. What are his demands?

During Season 16, viewers see him gather his four wives to present them with a long list of guidelines. Each of the wives must follow the rules if they want individual visits from their plural husband.

Kody Brown and wives via YouTube
Kody Brown and wives via YouTube

The season currently airing on TLC was filmed in late 2020. As a result, social distancing and quarantine are something mentioned often among the family.

In fact, Kody refused to accompany his daughter Ysabel for invasive surgery due to how long he would have had to quarantine.

One of his wives is adamant about following his rules. Fans think that Robyn Brown spent the most time with Kody during the height of the pandemic because she adhered to his demands. What about the other wives?

Janelle Brown dubs unreasonable COVID-19 demands as ’10 billion commandments of Kody’

Not all of Kody Brown’s wives are as obedient as Robyn. In the preview clip shared by People magazine, Janelle butt heads with the unreasonable demands.

While filming a confessional, she reads some of the rules from her phone. The list forbids the family from movie theaters, bars, gyms, and restaurants. Furthermore, Kody’s children are expected to adhere to a “10-food social distance” rule with their friends.

The wives are expected to sanitize any groceries before bringing them into their respective homes. Additionally, Kody instructs them to “clean mail with alcohol wipes.”

An unamused Janelle dubs the demands the “Ten Commandments of Kody.”

In a separate confessional, Christine calls the rules unrealistic.

Meri Brown, however, laughingly says she will follow the rules if it means a visit from her husband, who put her in the friend-zone earlier this season.

Kody Brown calls wives ‘lazy’ and here’s why

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown is not having his wives’ backtalk. During the family meeting, Janelle pushes back against the rules. Kody firmly replies, “You can mock it or you can find a way.”

Kody Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown via YouTube

However, he had a much harsher take to the cameras. “Are you too lazy to do a few chores?” he asks during a confessional. Kody adds that his rules are just “little chores.”

Click here to watch the full preview clip of Kody and his wives disagreeing over his restrictions.

Do you think Kody Brown was too mean by calling his wives “lazy” over the rules? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC. Subscribers of discovery+ can watch the new episodes early.

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  1. Kody is an arrogant narcissist. All that matters is what HE wants and how everything effects HIM! It’s always ME! ME! ME! Kody showed his true self when he put himself before his daughter Yisabel. Kody is an ass. Meri RUN! .Janelle RUN! Kudos & much happiness to. Christine! Robyn & Kody deserve each other and that’s exactly how they want it. Sad.

  2. Kody is the lazy one. Why doesn’t he get a GD job to support his family. He’s just a useless POS and not worthy to be married to any one of those women except Robin. She’s a sucky.

  3. Kody is a jerk. I wiped down mail and groceries for 2 months in early 2020 but his rules are excessive and prolonged. I think they should ALL leave him- except for his favorite, Robin. The more I see of her, the less I like her. You can’t tell me she isn’t thrilled to have him to herself.

  4. Yes. Since we know all the other wives provide financial support to the family plus other supports; while he and his fav Robyn hire nanny’s and mooch off the other sister wives. Who’s really the lazy ones …Kody and Robyn Brown that’s who!!!!

  5. Janelle and Christine have a great deal of self-respect and will leave Kody out in the pasture in favor of their children continuing to live a full life. Robyn will acquiesce because she’s truly in love with Kody and loves this life. She’s not at all this controlling and conniving woman fans make her out to be. She just sincerely desires peace and harmony in the family. Kody has beat Meri down. She made a mistake and suffered for it, owned up to it, and asked for forgiveness. Kody does not deserve her devotion any longer. I guess he hasn’t read that part of the Bible that speaks about forgiveness. Meri didn’t hurt his heart, she hurt his male pride and he was humiliated. Get over it Kody. You’re behaving like a child. Meri, find someone who will truly love YOU and not your money. If these women were smart, they’d ALL dump this chump.

  6. Kody brown is an egotistical jerk.
    I would like to know what he does for a living. These women are raising the kids while he is going from one house to another. They should all give him the boot. They are so much better than him.

  7. Kody Brown is a tool. What does he do?? I can’t believe these women put up with his so called demands so much. That is not a godly relationship.

  8. Kody is a jackass and Robyn is a bitch. Kody is not a man. He is just a little boy. The 3 wives should build a bonfire and burn the rules.

  9. Kody has failed to be a present husband and father since the pandemic started. He should have been present for Ysabel’s surgery. He has placed everybody ahead of a child in need of a very painful surgery who was devastated that her dad wasn’t interested in being by her side. The only wife that is getting a husband is Robyn. So the other wives not listening makes since.

  10. Kody is a selfish jerk …and doesn’t care about no one..except himself. If you listen to him talk..everything is always about him. Didn’t even try to comfort his daughter..when she was crying..because of the pain…hopefully Meri will wake up too, and realize this is not what God wants for her…..what Bible is @he reading?

  11. Personally, I find him to be a pompous ass. Not sure why one woman, let alone four would want to be married to him. He calls his wives lazy, yet if stories are correct he isn’t that great a provider. Most of these women have their own small businesses so it’s not like they don’t work.

  12. This obedience of the wives thing is too much. The polygamy thing is simply a way for the man to have multiple slaves and he gets multiple set partners. Sounds like his wild oats are finished and Robyn, the youngest and most obedient slave, is the chosen one. I wouldn’t wipe my foot on that “boy in an old man’s body”. Wake up wives! You are being dumped now! Cut your losses and move on! There are other fish in the sea! Leave this “sardine” behind!

  13. Kody does not represent the relationship with his God in a way others would want to have anything to do with it. He seems like a dictator in every sense of the word. Also, he seems very angry all the time. And, he seems like he isn’t happily married at all to any of them. At 1st Robyn and him seemed like two high school kids in that magical Google eye romance. Now, since she got older, as he is, and she has put on some weight, he is just as nasty, controlling, Dictatorship self, their magic is gone. He is NOT in my opinion attractive because his inner self is pure UGLY!! Let’s not talk about how he treats his kids! Shame on him for not being their for his daughter’s surgery! It’s all about sacrifice for your kids, Kody. And, you are to self absorbed to have any for them.

  14. Kody is a total jerk , and like so many people who think they are Godly he is not. Like the Duggars his children will separate themselves from him . The wives should move on.

  15. Kody, in a self righteous comment, whines about loyalty. Where was HIS loyalty when it came to Meri!! After he DIVORCED her to marry Robin and adopt her kids, Meri had a meltdown. Who wouldn’t?? Did he stand by her ( loyalty), and realize what HE caused? Nope he cast her aside. I wish all four of them would walk out and leave Coyote Pass!

  16. Kody is a control freak douche who is losing control, Robyn is an expert victim and a total bitch, Janelle should move on – she’s too smart to think this is a good life, Christine may be seeing the light, Meri has been the most screwed over by that moron Kody and needs to get on with her life.
    None of these women ever seem happy except Robyn. That idiot Kody obviously favors her but she had better make sure he doesn’t bring in a new wife…she will fall out of favor just like the other three.
    I cannot believe anyone would marry that Kody freak ass. There is not an ounce of man in that douchebag’s body. He is an angry ugly person.

  17. Just wait, wait until Robyn is the only wife that doesn’t leave his narcissistic ass. Then guess what He’s gonna do. He’s going to try and marry more younger women, causing Robyn to be number #2, then #3…etc…
    Robyn will see what Meri went through. Then again, now that the World sees Kody the control freak for what he is, no woman will touch him. Gross. His daughter will never forget how he abandoned her when she needed him most. I’m sorry he did that Yisabelle. (Spelling?)
    And I see that people keep saying kody doesn’t have a job. Are you kidding me?! This jackasses job is to control these four women, DONT ya know. Thinks he’s Gods Gift. He’s just a little insecure boy inside a mans body. He’s only causing his 509 kids to resent him. But I guess a pro narcissist wouldn’t even recognize that. You can see it in each of the wives eyes, they have been manipulated to the point of no return. Buuut, us women are strong, they’ll get out. And be happier for it;) (Robyn will stay with him lol)

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