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Jeremiah Duggar Breaks Jim Bob & Michelle’s Strict Courtship Rules

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Has Jeremiah Duggar broken away from his parents’ strict values? One of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids seems to be doing his own thing in his relationship and may not be following all of his parents’ rules.

As we reported, Jeremiah recently announced that he’s in a relationship with Hannah Wissmann. The big announcement came after fans speculated they were courting for months. So, some fans weren’t so surprised. But something about his post did shock fans. He used #MyGirlfriend at the end of his post.

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Duggar Instagram

As you may know, the Duggar kids are in courtships rather than dating. They court with the intent to marry instead of dating for fun or dating multiple people. So, they don’t typically use the terms “girlfriend” or “boyfriend.”

Now, Jeremiah has shared another hint that he and Hannah might not be in such a typical Duggar courtship. They may be breaking the Duggar family’s courtship rules and making their own.

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann get close and comfy with each other.

Jeremiah shared a new photo of himself and Hannah on Instagram. In the photo, they’re standing super close and he has his arm around her. His caption is simple and reads, “Together.” In the comments section, fans have a lot to say.

Jeremiah Duggar Instagram
Jeremiah Duggar Instagram

In the comments section of Jeremiah’s latest post, fans are pointing out that this definitely isn’t a “side hug.” Longtime Duggar fans will remember that, while courting, the kids are expected to side hug rather than give a front hug. This is part of them maintaining pure thoughts and avoiding touching too much.

But as you can see in Jeremiah’s photo, he and Hannah are doing more than side hugging. This doesn’t mean they’re doing anything inappropriate, but it’s a big shock to Duggar fans who are familiar with typical courtship rules.

One of Jeremiah’s followers writes, “Oh my. That’s not a side hug.” Another one adds, “my first thought too!😂” 

Someone else writes, “That is not a side hug.” In response to that comment, one fan voices that it’s a good thing that it’s not a side hug.

Yet another one of Jeremiah’s Instagram followers adds, “I bet JB doesn’t approve of that hug.” Someone else jokes, “You definitely didn’t leave enough room for Jesus!! I hope you guys used protection at least.”

So, are you glad to see Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann making their own rules and deciding what’s best for themselves? Do you think other Duggar siblings will follow in their footsteps? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I cannot believe that the Duggar kids have all these ridiculous 19th century modesty rules while their parents are in the other room f***ing like rabbits!

    1. They have them because mom and dad went all the way when they dated. So to prevent the kids from making the same mistake, Jim BOB set up the draconian rules for the kids when they began dating.
      It’s all ub er stupid if you ask me.

  2. Side hugs and no kissing is ridiculous!!? Come on people, let’s live in the 21st freaking century ffs? Being just gf and bf first is so important i think. Get to know one another, have fun and enjoy not being married within days of meeting. Make sure she and he is the right one for you.

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