Kody & Robyn Brown Rules Alienate Family, Ysabel Gets No Love?

Ysabel, Kody and Robyn/YouTube

Robyn and Kody Brown are alienating the rest of the Sister Wives family with their strict rules. Does that mean Ysabel gets no love? Keep reading to see the latest preview clip and decide if it’s them against the family.

Fans think THIS Sister Wives star is the preferred wife

Sister Wives viewers think Kody Brown has long played favorites among his four wives. In fact, some think his favoritism was part of the reason Christine Brown chose to end their spiritual marriage after over 20 years. She made the unexpected announcement on social media in November, weeks before Season 16 began airing on TLC.

The first clue about the patriarch’s favorite wife came when he divorced his first wife, Meri, to legally marry Robyn.

Kody Brown has made it clear so far on Season 16 that he spent most of the coronavirus pandemic living with his fourth wife. He claims that his other wives and children won’t abide by his strict quarantine restrictions, leaving him no choice but to stay with Robyn.

However, fans of the show think that’s just an excuse for him to live with his favorite wife. A new clip shows Kody’s closeness to Robyn as the other wives sit on the sidelines and Ysabel gets no love.

Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube
Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube

Kody and Robyn show unity while other wives sit on sidelines

Kody,  Janelle, Robyn, and Meri visit Christine’s house on the next episode of Sister Wives. The plural family is there to support Kody and Christine’s daughter Ysabel after her painful back surgery.

While Kody stayed home in Arizona with Robyn, Christine flew with Ysabel to New Jersey for the operation. The teenager wanted her dad to go with her, but he refused, citing the pandemic.

Season 16 was filmed in late 2020, which explains why the family is still social distancing. When Kody and his wives arrive at Christine’s, they sit a short distance from each other.

However, not everyone in the family maintains their social distance. As Janelle sits on the front porch, Meri, Robyn and Kody all sit atop a picnic table.

Meri sits alone at the end of the table, while Robyn and Kody show their unity by sitting close together on the other end of the table.

Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown via YouTube
Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown via YouTube

Christine struggles with Ysabel’s recovery

Christine puts a brave face on for her daughter, but admits to the cameras that she is exhausted. Apparently, she didn’t get much sleep because she had to get up to give Ysabel pain medicine every few hours.

Ysabel Brown via YouTube
Ysabel Brown via YouTube

Janelle offered to help, but Christine rejected her sister wife’s offer.

The official TLC Twitter account shared the preview clip a few hours before the episode was to air on the network.

One fan of the show noticed something upsetting about the clip. When Ysabel came out to see her plural family, no one – including Kody – gave her a hug, even though she had been in quarantine for two weeks. 

Do you think Kody prefers Robyn over his other wives and has no love for Ysabel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tune in to TLC Sunday nights for new episodes of Sister Wives.

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  1. Kody is a jerk I feel so bad for his kids I saw how his daughter said she needed him and he wasn’t there but sat close to Robin but he told Christine to social distance.robin is not his only Wife. Such a jerk

  2. He has since they have been married. It’s about robyn and not the other wives. Now kody is being an ass to his own other children because of her. Can’t stand either one of them

  3. Kody is a narcissistic selfish jerk. I would have been by my daughters side no matter what. I felt so bad for her. But I don’t feel bad for the wives. if they want to put up with his b__ls__t, that’s on them

  4. In my opinion I think robin was out to get kody all along and unfortunately Meri would be the death of her marriage by way of robin when she Meri divorced kody so “he could adopt” Robin’s kids from previous marriage that was the beginning of the end for All his other so called “marriages.Meri is hanging on to a dead relationship Christina has already left and who knows what’s going on with Janelle.I say they all should leave and let robin have him the others are just his and Robin’s money maker.But then they wouldn’t have the show….🤷‍♀️…

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