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Inside Source Says Michelle Duggar Left Deep Scars On Children?

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New details have come out about how Michelle Duggar allegedly raised her children. Following Josh Duggar’s child pornography conviction, sources have been coming forward and speaking out about the famous family. Fans and critics are shocked by the information that has come out about the former TLC family.

We’ve learned of Jana Duggar’s misdemeanor. Jim Bob Duggar’s friends and family members are calling him a liar. Duggar cousin Amy King is tweeting about her famous family, revealing some of their secrets. Who knows what will come out next?

Based on what’s been shared already, it seems possible that even more details will surface in the coming weeks. Until now, many of the details about the family have not been about Michelle. But a source claims she has secrets too.

Duggar family Instagram (KW Counting On)
Duggar family Instagram

Now, a source is speaking out about how Michelle raised her 19 children. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball reported on something a source close to the family told her. The source allegedly grew up with the Duggars and the families were close to each other.

Michelle Duggar’s dark secrets exposed?

The source claims that they saw Michelle blanket train her children. Blanket training was started by Michael and Debi Pearl. The couple’s book shows parents how to train their children. Blanket training requires a young child to sit on a blanket for a specific amount of time each day. If the child moves, their parent corrects the behavior. In some cases, a flexible ruler or another object is used to hit the child. While many people frown upon blanket training, it’s not uncommon in fundamentalist Christian families.

After seeing this, the source said they were “traumatized.” They said that the children would allegedly cry and be “inconsolable” after Michelle hit them with a rod. The source adds that the kids were “confused” by this correction. Additionally, they stated that the training allegedly happened frequently in the home. According to Michelle’s book, this was a daily practice for the family.

The source told Katie, “I just could not understand how a mother could treat their children this way. It was so traumatizing to watch.” The source said it left “deep scars” on them. So, it could have had the same impact (or worse) on the children.

Finally, the source said, “The abuse that is happening needs to end. All of them need to be exposed.”

So, do you think that Michelle Duggar truly left deep scars on her children? Does this new revelation shock you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I think anyone who blanket trains a child is a demented monster. So yes she’s an abuser!! She and jimbob should lose the rest of their children

    1. I agree.

      Blanket training is ABUSE.

      So is forcing your children to become sister-Mothers.

      So is all of the horrific fear-&-trauma-based mind control.

      In my opinion & experience.

      I suspect that there some even darker secrets in that family.

      People don’t become Josh, in a vaccum.
      If you know what I’m saying.

      I think that family AND that cult are full of very dark & disturbing secrets.

      In my opinion & experience.

      1. “People don’t become Josh, in a vaccum.
        If you know what I’m saying.

        “I think that family AND that cult are full of very dark & disturbing secrets.”

        “In my opinion & experience.”

        So… Are you you saying that YOU are in a “cult” and have many dark & disturbing secrets from all of YOUR “experience?” And are you also a child pornographer from blanket training and all that “fear and trauma based mind control?” ….that is ALSO in your “opinion and experience?” SOUNDS LIKE YOU REALLY EMPHASIZE WITH JOSH DUGGAR. MAYBE YOU TWO HAVE ALOT IN COMMON…. Maybe someone needs to check your computer!

  2. I think a lot of people are going to “report” a lot of nonsense about this family, just because the family is “famous”. I also think media morons are going to jump all over every little tidbit without any effort to determine what is a lie, what is nonsense, and what might have a grain of truth. And the public will eat it all up.

  3. I think the cousin Amy Duggar King has low sales at her store and wants her 5 minute of fame to make some money. Attention seekers like her and those who bash this family in the media.

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