Anna Duggar & 7 Kids’ Living Situation Revealed After Josh’s Conviction

Anna Duggar Instagram

What is Anna Duggar doing with her husband Josh now in jail? As you may know, in early December, Josh was found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography. The former 19 Kids & Counting star is waiting for sentencing, which should come in four months. At that point, it’s expected that he will go to federal prison for up to 20 years and pay fines as well. In the meantime, he’s in the county jail.

Now, fans are wondering what’s next for his wife, Anna, and their seven children, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, Maryella, and Madyson. Their kids range in age from one month to 12 years. So, this is a lot for Anna to handle on her own while deciding what to do now that her husband has been convicted. However, Anna seems to be supporting Josh anyway now.

There has been heavy speculation about what’s next for Anna. Ultimately, we don’t know what she will do. But there are plenty of possibilities. Fans assume she will rely on Josh’s parents to help her with the kids and to pay the bills. Others have thought she might go live with one of her family members in Florida. Previously, one of her brothers offered to help after another one of Josh’s scandals.

Many fans are hopeful that Anna will eventually leave Josh. However, that’s frowned upon in their community, so it doesn’t seem very likely. While we don’t have all of the answers about Anna’s current plans, details about where she’s living have been revealed.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Where is Anna Duggar living with her seven children?

According to a source who spoke with The SunAnna and the kids are still living in the warehouse on Jim Bob and Michelle’s property while Josh is in jail. The source shared, “The night of the sentencing the lights were on at the warehouse. The SUV parked right outside was the car Anna left court in.”

While Anna and the kids are living on the Duggar family’s property, for now, it’s unclear if that’s the plan going forward. At this point, Anna still hasn’t issued a statement on her husband’s guilty verdict. The former TLC star only broke her Instagram silence to announce her baby’s birth. So, outside of sources close to the family, new details about the situation may be rare.

So, does this news shock you? Did you think they would be living somewhere else or head to Florida to be with Anna’s family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Anna Duggar and the rest of the family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Anna Duggar knew as an adult the responsibility of children. She decided to
    have all the babies she has had. I hope she can find a way to support her children
    and care for them , and she herself probably will need mental and physical support after
    this. And I would expect she could get government help with all those kids .

    1. She needs to go to an adoption agency and have those kids placed in decent homes, then file for divorce, get her tubes tied, leave the cult, and hopefully find a decent man to marry. otherwise she will be a welfare mom, seen by other men as excess baggage.

      1. I think that, given her background and love for her family, your suggestions are the last ones she would ever choose, She was brought up in a family who had eight children, so having seven children may not seem overwhelming to her, but rather as gifts of God. The Bible says that couples should be fruitful and multiply, and she has done exactly that. As to finding another man, I doubt that while Josh is imprisoned, she would desert him. She probably sees his actions as the result of illness. The future may tell a different story regarding their marriage, but I do not think she will ever give up her children.

  2. 0I think Ana has a right to be private no matter how famous the name is. Just because now her husband is in jail for HIS CRIMES does not mean that Anna and those beautiful 7 children should be in the light. If she chooses to be private then let it ne. My heart goes out to the victims of this and my heart also goes out to Anna and her children because now and forever they will be looked at as their father who has done wrong to children. They will always be judge due to it. It is a persons choose on how many kids they want. Just because she is alone does not mean she will relay on anyone, she is an adult and she will get through it what a lot of people don’t realize that the most silence will get her prayers answers the more she prays and wait in silence is when God works the most. “I will come to you in the silence” are the lyrics of a beautiful song entitled You Are Mine.

    1 Corinthians 4:5 ESV / Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.

    1. Anna isn’t the victim that you proclaim that she is. She knew what Josh did as a teen and still chose to have kids with him, she knew what Josh did to that stripper and she continued to expose her children to him and after the current charges she continued to expose her kids to him. Child Protection wants to investigate to see if they’ve been harmed by Josh and she is refusing to allow that because if she does she knows she’ll be the next to go to prison.

      1. Child protection needs to remove those kids from Anna who condones Josh’s crimes. She is an unfit mom. Best those kids found new homes (adopted).

    2. No. IDC what that book says, I get to judge pedophiles. That is how we protect children from people like him. God isn’t.

    1. Honestly, I would not want my children around those grandparents. Think about it…Josh was molesting his sisters when he was a young teen. He was extremely sheltered so he saw this behavior somewhere…

    2. She already has a twisted sense regarding life and religion. Why put her in the large house with Jim Boob and Michelle? She should move in with someone outside the Cult.

  3. Leaving your spouse is “FROWNED UPON?!” Certainly having a husband that is a convicted deviant pedophile should give Anna the perfect RIGHT to divorce him!!!

  4. I feel so sorry for Anna Duggar because she is not even stupid and silly I believe that her children should be taken away from her because of her naivety I kind of don’t blame Josh parents because you do all you can to protect your children I believe they thought they had gotten help but Anna those are not correction he is not your child but you do have seven children do you actually think somebody who is just corrupt and deviant would not touch your children I feel so sorry for you God bless you anyway

  5. Josh smirks in his pictures, especially the mug shot. I think he believes he will not go to jail, or be held accountable for all his disgusting transgressions.
    Ana keeps having children despite knowing her husband is a deviant and is into child porn. She’s as much to blame for standing by knowing each child she brings into the world with him could be in danger.
    Josh needs to be put in the general population in jail.
    Segregating him and giving him a cushy sentence just encourages his behavior for when he is released. They neuter the wrong animals in this country.

    1. Well said, and she probably went to visit him in jail today! IMO, she has mental health issues. Merry Christmas!
      And I might add that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, so anyone is nuts to think that there isn’t other “problems” within that LARGE family.

  6. Folks need to leave Anna alone. If she chooses to leave Josh, I believe she has scriptural cause to do so. If she decides to stay with Josh, scripture allows that also. He is her husband, those are her children, and this is her business. Everyone needs to stay out of it until Anna asks for their input. Leave. Her. Alone.

  7. Anna is next to have charges brought against her for child endangerment. That is why she is sticking by her man. If she doesn’t…she openly admits her knowledge of the abuser. With 7 kids and working at a used car lot, who do they think they are fooling. They’ve already been on public assistance. Anna doesn’t work. It’s always the tax payers who pay for low IQs, pedophiles and finest abusers.

  8. She has seven children to raise. Leave her alone…. What she does is no one’s business…. Spend more time complaining about hunter Biden!!!

    1. Exactly! No one cares about pedo”s and sexual perversion in the President and his children! Joe Biden pedo”ed his own daughter as a young child, taking a shower with her. She wrote this in her journal at rehab!And Hunter does cocaine while abusing a 13 yr. old Asian girl! The media is silent! Absolute crickets! They cover up their sicko lifestyle! People are only fascinated by professing Christians that fall!Every perv should be given the treatment just like Josh Duggar! Fair is fair!

    2. Oh good God. This is not a political forum. Hunter Biden has nothing to do with this discussion of the Duggar family. This forum is SOLEY a comment section on Anna Duggar and what she might do next. Personally I would leave, the man continued to engage in deviant behavior despite being caught before. Therefore, he is a risk and repeat offender and should be punished accordingly. Anna, needs to take a good long hard look at her relationship and this time think about her children. For far too long Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar have had a grip over their children, and in Josh’s case in particular this has proven to be ineffective. Molesting several of his sisters! Son or no son praying for him and insisting that he learnt his lesson apparently didn’t work. Personally I believe he should do the max amount of time allowed by law and be chemically castrated so he can not have anymore children.

  9. I always knew the Duggers are really not what they pretend to be with 18 and counting making money off having more kids they were bound to be lieing about everything that really went down trying to look like the perfect parents Not!! Hiding there family Problems

    1. Absolutely!! So sorry I do feel horrible about what happened but if she continues in this direction that she must live by her husband’s direction her children do not stand a chance of having a happiness and lead any sort of normal life!

  10. This woman makes me ill. Especially after she refused to let CPS check her kids for abuse from the father she chooses to support and adore even in the ways of neglecting her own kids safety what is she even worried about is what I’m asking? Let your kids be examined, if they find evidence then that gives you all the ammo you need to get the hell away from him and keep your children from being forced to live knowing they were abused and their mother essentially let it happen . Or they find no signs of abuse, and she’s forced to decide whether or not she wants to lay up and stay committed to a monster. That’s her call. What’s not get decision is the well-being of those children. If you ask me, her denying their right to be checked and kept safe should put her in jail down the way from her “adoring husband” y’all need real Jesus. Idk who you are following but it sure isn’t the Lord I know of.. disgusting.

  11. Her children are in danger, because she is delusional and really doesn’t understand the implications of her “beloved” husband crimes. Living inside this Cult, blinded her motherhood senses, Josh can’t be around children, he is a child molester a predator, cheater and liar. CPS must do an intervention and place her children in a safe environment.

  12. Why hasn’t the court ordered that CPS do an intervention to question/examine Josh and Anna’s children for possible sexual abuse by their father? Those children are the victims of all this and no one seems concerned about the fact that Josh may have sexually abused one or more of his own children. Where does protecting those children enter into all this?

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