Witney Carson Addresses Rumors Regarding Friendships With Other Pros

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It’s hard to be a Dancing With The Stars pro dancer and permanently stay out of the rumor mill. Some fans speculated that Witney Carson is no longer speaking with some of her castmates, even though she’s been friends with a few of them for decades. But is there any truth to these rumors?

Witney Carson is close with her castmates, but social media posts seem to focus on her family

If you’ve kept up with the castmates for years, you know that Witney and Lindsay have always been the best of friends. They were pregnant together and seemed really excited to experience motherhood together. But now that the kids are here, it seems like the women post about each other less and less.

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On Olivia Jade’s podcast, Jenna Johnson recently revealed that she and Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold, and Brandon Armstrong have all been best friends since childhood. But based on Witney’s social media accounts, it seems like she’s been spending a lot of time at home or with her family — not her friends and castmates.

Reddit users started asking some questions. But Witney had a response. She debunked popular rumors that she no longer speaks to her castmates and friends with a recent text thread she and Lindsay shared.

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And some Reddit users felt really annoyed by the whole situation.

“Wait… you mean… people don’t post every interaction with their closest friends on social media all the time?” darth_henning said.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t seem like there’s any truth to these rumors. Witney Carson and the rest of the dancers all still get along swimmingly — they just have a lot going on in their personal lives.

Keep in mind that Witney’s little boy is about to turn one and she always said she wanted a big family. She might very well be preparing to expand her family in 2022, which leaves less time to hang out with friends.

The DWTS tour continues without a few of the most popular dancers

Witney Carson definitely has a lot going on in her personal life. She hasn’t publically confirmed why, but she won’t be part of the upcoming Dancing With The Stars tour this winter. As we said above, being a mother is a lot of work. Lindsay and Jenna won’t be part of the upcoming tour either. Sharna Burgess is also sitting out due to time commitment issues.

But if you would like to go see the tour, there are plenty of opportunities. The pro dancers are hard at work in the rehearsal room, preparing to bring the magic to stages across Ameria.

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