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Jana Duggar Makes HUGE Statement With Latest Act Towards Josh

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Jana Duggar has made a bold statement toward her brother Josh at his child pornography trial. What exactly did Jana do, and what could it possibly mean?

Since Josh’s trial began on November 30, new members of the family have appeared in court. While Derick Dillard and Austin Forsyth have been there almost every day, a few newcomers showed up on Tuesday, December 7 for the very first time.

Fans and critics of the Duggar family have been wondering who’s at the trial and whether they’re there to support Josh or to get the facts. Some are convinced that Joy-Anna and Austin are hoping to learn the truth. The same goes for Derick. But other members, like Anna Duggar, appear to be in support of Josh.

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When Jana showed up, her interactions with Josh seemed to make a statement.

How did Jana Duggar interact with Josh at his trial?

According to The SunJana first appeared to be in a somber mood when she was outside of the courthouse. It’s worth noting that she was wearing a mask, making it difficult to interpret her true emotions. However, once she was inside, her mood changed. The reporter in the courtroom said Jana looked more upbeat when she was with her family. She sat in the front row in between her sister-in-law Anna and brother Jason Duggar.

Interestingly, Jana was in “high spirits” as she interacted with Josh. She was “laughing and mingling with family during breaks.” While mingling with the rest of her family, she chatted with Josh too.

We can’t say for sure how Jana was feeling in the courtroom and whether she was there to support Josh. But based on the reports about her behavior, she seems to be in a rather lighthearted mood despite the heavy nature of the case. Last week, when Justin Duggar left the courthouse, he threw up a double thumbs up and had a huge grin on his face. He was immediately blasted online for not reading the room.

Jana hasn’t faced the same scrutiny, likely because she had a more somber look while outside of the courthouse where cameras are allowed.

So, what do you think Jana Duggar’s interaction with Josh says about her? Do you think she’s there to support him, or could she just be acting friendly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggars, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. What a disgrace this family is. This is such an sensitive subject that noo e should have a smile on their face??? What is wrong with these people?? Maybe they are all sick ? A 3 mo th old was a ictim in those tapes!!! I think they all should see a psychiatrist and why are the police not I terviewing the kids???

  2. I think at that point the family was in denial and believed Josh to be innocent. So to keep Josh’s spirits up they kept things jovial. They were so convinced Josh hadn’t done anything wrong that he’d walk away from it a free man. And one day it would just be a nightmare from the past. So, why worry? It’s kind of like when you have a death in the family. It doesn’t become real for you until you see the casket. The family is under a lot of scrutiny right now, and I believe a lot of skeletons are going to be pulled out of many closets.

  3. Re: Jana, she has devoted her entire life to do this family’s bidding and helping raise everyone else’s children. Here she was, once again, caring for her brother’s seven children while his wife attended his child porn trial, and you criticize her??? As Jesus said, “You, who are without sin, cast the first stone.” Which of you caregivers or parents hasn’t at one time or another been so exhausted by your responsibilities that you nodded off? Give this young woman a much-needed break!

  4. I think this whole josh thing is positively discusting . They are Christian hypocrites . I wud t let my little daughters near josh with a 10 foot pole . WTW is wrong with those ppl ? He’s not gonna change . And how Anna can continue to have sex with him and cont to make babies . I think she’s just not capable of making an adult decision . I feel sad and sorry for her !! She’s so naive ‘

  5. This is a cult. I researched these groups back in the 90’s and they are more common in America and around the world then you can possibly imagine. They base their life off the “Quiverfull” philosophy where they promote sexual abuse of young girls based on the nation that they are being groomed for “marriage!”

  6. Can’t stand the Duggar family…they are in DENIAL about Josh. Guess Anna isn’t too smart as she keeps being with him. How stupid can one be when you know he did terrible things to his sisters

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