Court May Force Anna Duggar’s Hand On Examining Her Children

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Anna Duggar’s children could have to undergo forensic examinations by CPS. This is due to the nature of Josh Duggar’s current child pornography case. Read on to get all of the details about the situation.

As you may know, Josh is in the midst of a child pornography trial. He was arrested in the spring for receiving and possessing child pornography. Some of the content allegedly even included the abuse of infants. On Wednesday, the prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments. Then, the jury began deliberating. However, they left and requested to come back on Thursday morning to continue.

As Duggar fans and critics wait for word on Josh’s verdict, they have plenty of questions about what could come next. Forensic examinations may be in store for Josh and Anna’s seven children, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, Maryella, and Madyson.

Anna Duggar previously refused forensic examinations of her children.

As Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball reported, the prosecutors told the judge that Josh and Anna won’t allow for the kids to be examined. She reported, “Prosecutors were so terrified for the safety of Josh Duggar’s children that they pleaded with the court to not allow him out on bond.”

Despite the nature of Josh’s alleged actions, he was still allowed to see his kids under the supervision of his wife. Anna reportedly brought the kids to visit him often while he stayed with a custodian.  However, he couldn’t be around any other minors.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

The court could order forensic and cognitive examinations for the kids.

In a new social media post, Katie goes on to explain what she learned during a discussion with attorney Rebecca Rouse.

Katie shares:

“Let the jury take their time. Attorney Rebecca Rouse told us that If convicted, Josh could face other charges & his children will likely be ordered by the court to receive cognitive & forensic exams. Anna & Josh declined these exams. If convicted, the court can then order these exams. Due to Anna declining the exam, she will be denied access to the exams. She also could face charges if the exams reveal Josh harmed his children.”

So, do you think the court will end up ordering forensic examinations on Josh and Anna’s children? What do you think will happen with Josh’s trial? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news about Anna Duggar and the rest of the family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Please do not use Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball as a source. She gets all of her information, sometimes word for word, from Reddit snark communities.

  2. YES Absolutely there should be a court order to examine those children. Anna should definately be held accountable as well if those children were endangered or harmed in any way.
    They should never have been allowed to decline. The court order should have happened way before he went to court.
    There needs to be stricter CPS laws. As soon as the Feds seized the computers in Josh’s car lot , those children should have been taken away from them and examined.
    Where are the laws for this. So many times you hear of child abuse that has been swept under the rug and the children have to suffer for it.
    And actually those children should be taken away from her now.

  3. And P.S., might I add to my recent comment, if those children are ever taken away from Anna, ( which they should be) they should NOT be handed over to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

  4. With this conviction and the fact that Bobye Holt testified that there was penetration, and then ended Josh’s contact with his daughter, maybe Anna will begin to see the truth. No God would want you to stay with Josh, putting your children in danger, and maybe at this point losing the children all together. I hope Anna’s brother’s offer still stands. They definitely need to examine those kids, but with the way the brain washing is in this group, I am afraid not much will come of it.

  5. Yes they need to check these kids out because for her to say no it make me think she might think they have been mess with they need to take them kids away plus they need to take any kids under age from the parents because they should of done something when it happens to there girls and they didn’t so who know what going on in that house And they didn’t have two cent about Ann kids because they had them live in a warehouse with no windows or nothing so Jim Bob gave a shit about them kids or her or her son he just likes control of everything he needs really be checked out

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