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Tension Mounts Between Austin Forsyth And Jim Bob Duggar

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Things are getting heated between Austin Forsyth and Jim Bob Duggar amid Josh’s trial. Until now, it looked like Jim Bob and Austin got along well. There wasn’t a lot of speculation that they were feuding or on bad terms. But now, there are plenty of reasons for Austin to be upset with his father-in-law.

Throughout Josh’s child pornography trial, much information has been brought to the surface, not only about Josh’s alleged crimes but about his past as well. As we’ve reported, Duggar family friend Bobye Holt has testified in the trial. She spoke about Josh admitting to her that he had molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager.

Though it’s too late for Josh to go to jail for the molestations, they are still an important part of his current trial. The prosecution wants to use the molestations to prove Josh’s “motive” and that this is a consistent pattern in his life, not an accident. 

In her testimony, Bobye revealed the disturbing details of Josh’s confession, which included that he molested his five-year-old sister. Though she was referred to as “Jane Doe 4” in court, she’s actually Joy-Anna. Because Joy-Anna and Austin have been in court throughout the trial, they have now heard it all.

There is heavy speculation that this may be the first time that Joy-Anna and Austin are hearing the truth about what happened to her. After all, when Jim Bob was asked to testify, he claimed to not remember a lot of the details about the molestations.


Austin Forsyth wants the truth and continues to stand by his wife.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball says a source at the courthouse told her that Joy-Anna and Bobye were sharing a hug in the lobby. Katie continues, “Austin had ‘tears in his eyes’ and was visibly upset. He was very close to Joy the whole time.”

Then, Katie explained, “As I told you last week, Austin & Joy found out the truth about what Josh did to her through the testimony of Bobye. Austin wants the ‘truth’ and is ‘angry’ that Jim Bob lied to him.”

It’s unclear what will happen to their relationship going forward. But fans are applauding Austin for standing by his wife and supporting her. This is a very hard time for the whole family but especially Josh’s victims.

So, do you think that Austin Forsyth is upset by what he’s learned from the trial so far? What do you expect to happen between Jim Bob Duggar and Austin? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, including Josh’s trial, come back to TV Shows Ace. 

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  1. Girls hold ur head up. And husband I hope u now see JimBob and Machel for what they really are.sinner ur going straight to Hell. For all the men that now standing up to Jim Bob right on. Any one who keep something like this a secret is sick him self. Can’t stand u JimBob with that stupid grin on ur face

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