‘RHOSLC’ Fans DEMAND Bravo Fire Mary Cosby For Racist Comments

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RHOSLC fans demand Bravo fire Mary Cosby after her latest racist comments. Find out what she said, plus has Bravo responded?

Racism scandals plague Real Housewives franchise

Another day, another accusation of racism against a Bravo star. In June of 2020, four Vanderpump Rules stars were fired for racially insensitive behavior. Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired for calling the cops on co-star Faith Stowers, who is African-American. Newbies Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni were let go at the same time after past racist tweets came to light.

At the time, some viewers wanted Jax Taylor fired, as well. Jax and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, announced their departure from the show a little over six months later, though they claimed it was their choice. However, many fans of the show believe Jax was fired, with Brittany as collateral damage.

More recently, RHONY star Ramona Singer is at the center of rumors she made a racist comment about co-star Eboni Williams. Singer denies making the comment, and an internal investigation didn’t find evidence that she did. However, former co-star Heather Thomson claims she heard the OG make the alleged comment.

At this point, RHONY is off the schedule until at least 2023. There are rumors of a cast shake-up, which would result in Ramona Singer getting the boot. Check back with us often for updates on the future of The Real Housewives of New York.

Bravolebrity makes racist comparison about co-star

The Sunday, December 5, episode had Mary Cosby in the hot seat previously occupied by Jen Shah. As readers likely know, Shah was arrested in early 2021 and is accused of money laundering and fraud. She will stand trial in 2022. Bravo cameras were rolling when the feds came looking for her.

Jen Shah isn’t the only RHOSLC star under scrutiny. Her co-star Mary Cosby is facing questions about her church. Cosby famously married her step-grandfather and inherited her grandmother’s church. 

However, rumors abound in Salt Lake City that the church is a cult, with Mary as its cult leader. In a recent episode, one of her former congregation members spoke warnings to Meredith Marks about Mary and the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church.

Mary Cosby via YouTube
Mary Cosby via YouTube

Cameron Williams – who has since passed away, reports Page Six – was a close friend of Lisa Barlow. During the December 5th episode, Barlow revealed that Williams claims he mortgaged his home and gave $300K to the church at Mary’s request.

When the rumor came to her attention, the RHOSLC star denied it.

During the episode, Mary also fought with co-star Heather Gay over the accusations. At one point, she referred to Heather as “chubby.” However, her comments didn’t stop at fat-shaming.

While speaking to Lisa, Mary compared Jen Shah to thugs “like you know, those Mexican people that make all those drugs.”

During Season 1, Jen Shah accused Mary of saying she avoids 7-Eleven if she sees black men hanging around.

RHOSLC fans DEMAND Bravo fire Mary Cosby

After the latest comment from Mary Cosby, fans took to Twitter to DEMAND Bravo fire her. One Twitter user wrote that they remember when Bravo “fired 4 cast members of Vanderpump Rules for past racist comments.” Tagging Bravo host and executive Andy Cohen, they wondered if the network will hold Mary Cosby to the same standard.

Another user reported that the RHOSLC star turned comments off on Instagram after fans came after her for the comment.

At this point, Bravo has yet to issue a response to Mary Cosby’s comment or the demand she’s fired.

Do you think Bravo should fire Mary Cosby for her comments? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t miss new episodes of RHOSLC, airing Sundays on Bravo. The mid-season trailer reveals the drama is just heating up.

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    1. Yes and no, yes to categorize a whole race of people as being “thugs that make drugs” is absolutely wrong, but did she misspeak or should she or is it okay for her to have said “like the Sinaloa Cartel or the Columbia Cartel that make all those drugs”? My opinion, I think she just misspoke, and to fire her for that, to me, is a bit extreme, however, we still must be held accountable for our mistakes, that being said, yes Mary, you need to say bye! We need you to be the example to bring awareness of what not to say because it could result in this. So “bye girl bye” you don’t have a story line anyway!

  1. Mary is vile, evil, mean AND not very bright. Yet, she thinks very highly of herself. She should be fired.

    She will go, once her church is under investigation and they find fraud, embezzlement and/or other financial misdoings, not to mention her church is probably a cult. She is icky and creepy.

    Never liked her or Jen Shah. Both are awful people.

  2. Fire her just like other people have gotten fired for making racist comments. Don’t give her a pass just because she’s black.

  3. You can’t hold the vanderpump cast accountable and not Mary! She made disgusting comments about Hispanics and Asians. Bravo needs to stand strong and not accept any racism! She made not one but 3 racist comments and bravo should not let this stand, Asians and Hispanics deserve equal respect!!! Fire her!!!’

  4. Something is very wrong with her on so many levels. I am choosing to no longer watch anymore of this horrible woman. What is wrong with people who attend her church she is racist and ungodly and is everything wrong about christianity. FIRE HER!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please fire Mary Cosby. For a self proclaimed God, she’s is a horrible person. God does not condone the mean spirit, vile comments, and despicable person she is to everyone.

  6. Yes she should have been fired not only for her racists comments, but for body shaming, saying Heather looks inbred, yet it’s Mary who married her (step)GPA. Gross. Only to get money.
    She is so mean and rude but she is supposed to be preaching love and about God??!! What a hypocrite!! I don’t think Jesus went around name calling, belittling people and making racists comments. BRAVO won’t fire her because she is black! Let’s face it. If a white person made those comments (like in VanderPump Rules), they would be off the show. Bravo doesn’t have the balls to fire her and scared of Scary Mary.

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