Lifetime’s ‘Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas’: All Details

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It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie, Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas promises a very special evening of music. Starring Demetria McKinney (House Of Payne, Motherland: Fort Salem), and Chaz Lamar Shepherd (Luke Cage, NCIS: New Orleans).

In addition award-winning artist, Kirk Franklin will also be prominent in this movie

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What Is Lifetime’s Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas About?

Ready to add a little gospel music to your Lifetime Christmas movie? According to The Futon Critic, Olivia (McKinney), a young assistant pastor, gets assigned to be a lead pastor at a new church a month before Christmas.

However, she’s fearful she can’t manage the transition. That includes getting the choir ready to open the town’s annual Winter Jamboree.

Banding together with her new congregation, Olivia discovers a new home for herself. Moreover, she even finds a little Christmas romance along the way!

When Is Lifetime’s Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas Premiering?

Lifetime’s Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas premieres on Saturday, December 4, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Lifetime Kirk Franklin-
Lifetime Kirk Franklin-

First Kirk Franklin Movie

According to a recent interview with Vibe, Kirk Franklin talked about his Lifetime movie. The Grammy-winning artist will briefly be in the movie. In addition, Franklin wrote and arranged all of the songs in the movie. This will be quite a treat!

Turns out, this was the first opportunity he had to participate in a holiday movie. That is because the writer of the Lifetime movie script wanted a lot of Christmas movie feels. That induces incredible gospel music!

“Well, the creator of the script [had the] idea to include a lot of my Christmas music. So, when I was invited to participate and saw how much it was leaning into the music that I was blessed to write several years ago, it made me excited and I wanted to be more part of the narrative [and] the architecture of the movie. They were very excited to have me be a part; that’s how it turned into Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas. [I’m] just very honored and very excited about this being my first opportunity to do something like this.”

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

Lifetime is airing a brand new Christmas movie every day until Christmas Day. Therefore, you are bound to have missed one or two. Thankfully, you can rewatch the already-been-aired episodes on the Lifetime channel.

There are a lot of new movies coming out that look incredible. That includes People Presents: Blending Christmas. This is a bit of a Brady Bunch reunion.

Don’t miss the premiere of Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas premieres on Saturday, December 4, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

You can also see and hear Kirk Franklin in the upcoming Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues on Apple+.

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