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Christine Brown No Longer Covering Up Away From Kody

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For a long time, the Brown women had to follow certain rules while being married to Kody. Along with Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, Christine Brown had standards she had to abide by. One noticeable guideline was the way the women dressed. It was not just the wives but all of the females in the family were subject to somewhat of a dress code. Now that Christine has broken free of her marriage, she is seemingly shedding her old life. This includes all of the clothes that once encumbered her.

Christine Brown and The Dress Code

From the moment Sister Wives began in 2010, the women covered their bodies. They did not wear dresses but rather pants with long-sleeved shirts. If it was warm out, they did wear tank tops- with T-shirts underneath. As they were members of the Mormon church, there are certain guidelines they must follow. Not exposing yourself can be critical. What viewers have seen of Kody in recent episodes is that he takes a rule and expounds upon it.

Credit: Sister Wives/YouTube
Credit: Sister Wives/YouTube

Over the years, the wives and their children have become far more liberal in what they wear. A few seasons ago, one of the daughters was getting ready for a dance. Kody was uncertain about how short the dress was if it revealed too much. The mothers only cared how their children felt in their own skin. Ysabel proudly showed off her body and scoliosis surgery scar over the summer. She also looked beautiful in a strappy long sapphire blue dress for a dinner in May.

Sister Wives Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Christine Brown – Ysabel Brown Instagram

Janelle’s daughter, Maddie has also worn tank tops over the years and felt completely comfortable doing so. ScreenRant noted all the times over recent years the women were less modest than they had initially been. Meri started to let her hair hang down on a cruise while Janelle was more laid back spending time with Maddie. As for Christine, fans have noticed she is far more lenient with her dress since leaving Kody. She has posted pictures in bathing suits and tank tops. Is she truly free after all this time?

Doing Her Own Thing

Now that Christine Brown has gotten her dream of living in Utah, she is embracing life. This means wearing whatever she wants or does not want. The mom of six is flaunting her healthy body and is radiating. She shared three photos of herself, two in a tank top/workout wear and one at the beach. Though she limited the comments on the full-body tank pic, she did not on the other.

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG
Credit: Christine Brown IG

Her followers could not stop gushing over how amazing she looked: “Christine you look amazing and are glowing I’m so happy for you.” Another added: “Change looks good on you! You look happier – you’ve left a load behind you. You seem “lighter” …. not so burdened. Happy for you.”

Fans have also noted Robyn is the only one still dressing as they all did in Season 1. For now, however, it is great to see Christine shedding her past and living and dressing the way she desires. Watch her transition from wife to a single woman when Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

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