Anna Duggar Did NOT Cooperate With Forensic Exams Of Her Kids

Anna Duggar Instagram

Counting On fans have been begging for Anna Duggar to protect her kids amid her husband Josh’s child pornography case. They have hoped that Anna will get a divorce due to the nature of the charges. Fans think a divorce is the best choice for the safety of the couple’s seven kids. Now, more details about the ways Anna might not have supported her children have surfaced.

As fans and critics know, Josh was arrested for receiving and possessing child pornography. Since the spring, he has been staying with the Rebers, who are friends of the Duggars. Josh has had to follow a set of conditions, which includes not being around minors except his own kids. Sources claimed that Anna was spending a lot of time with Josh and allowing the kids to see him as well.

Anna Duggar Instagram (Josh Duggar arrest)
Anna Duggar Instagram

Anna Duggar reportedly wouldn’t cooperate with CPS.

According to a source who spoke with Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, Josh and Anna were both uncooperative with CPS (Child Protective Services).  Katie explains:

“Prosecutors were so terrified for the safety of Josh Duggar’s children that they pleaded with the court to not allow him out on bond. They even told the judge that Josh & Anna were not cooperating with CPS & had refused to allow forensic interviews & exams of their kids.”

Katie’s source shared additional information about Anna and the kids. In her post, she wrote, “While on bond, Anna has abandoned her kids. She stayed every single night with Josh at his guardian’s home. The children were left in the care of the Duggars. Josh has been given unlimited access to his kids as long as Anna is there.”

In Katie’s post, she points out that she doesn’t trust Anna to protect her kids. Katie believes that Josh is more important to Anna than the kids are, which might explain why she continues to stand by Josh’s side.

We will have to wait and see what happens during Josh’s trial this week. The truth will hopefully be brought to light, and Anna may be left with some decisions to make.

So, are you surprised to learn that Anna didn’t cooperate with CPS? Do you think Anna is doing enough to protect her children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I am sorry but my kids are coming before anyone else I don’t understand how a woman can put her children last especially to a petifile

  2. Anna Duggar should move after the trial of Josh Duggar with all 7 children start a new life.
    Help your children be safe move to the northwest or some were in Canada.
    She can get a job and support her family.

    1. Anna can’t think or do for herself, she’s still a little girl. Josh has manipulated her so bad & deep. She doesn’t deserve those poor kids. She leaves them with the parents of Josh so she can spend all her time with a child molester & porno king. She doesn’t deserve her kids. What are they telling those kids about “DADDY”? LIES! that’s what. Those kids need protecting from Anna & Josh & the entire Duggar family. Especially Jim-Bob & Michelle. Denial, denial, denial.

      1. Any woman who would let that monster near her daughters is as evil as he is!!! He watched a 3 month old baby bring tortured and abused amongst many other things! She is complicit if she stays with him. They both should burn in hell.

    2. Anna would give her kids up to keep josh the CM. How can she control CPS, and not let them check her kids. She should not have a say in that matter, because Josh is front and center, I wish she would loose those kids because she will take Josh bach when he get out of prison. I hope she can live with herself, for what can/or could come out of this. I have never in my life seen so many CHRISTIANS LIE.;

    1. That was my exact thought. I would think she would not have the right to refuse. Anna grow up and protect the kids. I would think any mother would want to know if they have been harmed. Things are really adding up to what kind of a mother you are, or have been.

  3. As disgusting as I think this entire situation is, Josh’s apparent choices especially, I have to point this out – unfortunate as it may be. I am a paralegal in a law office that primarily represents parents whose children have been removed by child welfare court orders and I have also been a foster parent for the last 10 years. While child welfare agencies do have the ability to help families, most of the time what they’re doing at the initial phase of an investigation can best be described as a complete overreach. If enough evidence to suggest that Josh and Anna’s children were at risk because of the things Josh is alleged to have done existed then a court order compelling forensic examinations and interviews would have been issued, and to our knowledge that hasn’t happened. Anna has absolutely no duty to make her children available for that. I assume she was acting on the advice of an attorney when she refused since in all honesty she does not appear to be smart enough to do so on her own, but I could be wrong. No matter what though she, just like everyone else, should not be forced to waive her legal rights and the legal rights of her children. Allowing those officials into their lives would substantially increase the chances of Jim Bob and Michelle gaining the ability to assert even more control over her as well. Those kids are likely about to lose their father for a very long time. Anna’s compliance with child welfare could inadvertently compromise her ability to finally escape from the hell that is the Duggar cult, thereby delaying and possibly even preventing these kids from ever having a normal life. She made the right choice, probably the only good choice she’s made since she’s been married but still.

  4. I feel so sad and afraid for those children. Anna needs therapy, Josh has her so brain washed she has never been able to think for herself. Those poor kids need to be removed from Anna & Josh. I can’t understand a judge giving visitation rights to Josh. I hope he finds out what it feels like to be molested while in prison.

  5. HOw can Anna Duggar find a job that PAYS ENOUGH to support 7 kids???? She has NO TRAINING IN ANYTHING!!!!

    One of her brothers has offered to take them in, but so far, …..crickets…….( Nothing supposedly from mom and dad.) Here she is, can’t do anything, 7 kids and in her mid thirties….not exactly a catch for anyone!!!!!

    And rumors are that she and the kids are living in a warehouse on Duggar property…..

    IF, SHE is visiting Josh at night… SHAME on those taking JOSH IN!!! HE is probably going to jail…and he will probably be making her pregnant once again…sickening

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