‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Brown Family Explores Possibility Of Long-Distance Plural Marriage

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In a new Sister Wives preview clip, the Brown family explores all options, including having a long-distance plural marriage. Who would stay and who would go? Keep reading to find out who is against the idea.

Brown family struggles to reconnect

Sister Wives fans were hopeful that the fractured Brown family would find their footing after a rough Season 15. However, it seems that things have only declined even more in the plural family.

Season 16 premiered earlier this month on TLC and the family can’t seem to agree on anything. During the last episode, Kody tried to get his wives on board with his plan on how to divvy up the Coyote Pass land. Each wife would get her own plot of land to build a home on. However, he also wanted a separate plot for his own home, which ruffled feathers among the wives.

Additionally, Christine Brown has no interest in staying in Arizona, wanting instead for the family to move back to Utah. Unfortunately, no one else in the family wants to leave Arizona, resulting in hurt feelings for Kody’s second wife.

Could there be a solution to make all of the wives happy?

Sister Wives preview: Long-distance plural marriage the answer?

In Kody Brown’s opinion, his four wives don’t particularly like each other. Nor do they miss living near each other. In an exclusive preview clip shared by People magazine, he considers the option of a long-distance plural marriage with some of his wives.

The polygamist confesses to the cameras that he knows of men with multiple wives living in different states. And he isn’t opposed to the idea in his own family.

“Who’s to say that Meri couldn’t live in Parowan [Utah]? And who’s to say that Christine couldn’t live in Salt Lake [City, Utah]? And who’s to say that Janelle and Robyn, because they love it so much here [in Arizona], couldn’t just stay here?,” – Kody Brown, Sister Wives

Just one problem – he didn’t discuss this with any of his four wives.

Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube
Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube

Rather, the question was posed to them in separate one-on-one interviews. Of the four wives, only Robyn Brown is open to the idea, saying she would “go with him” wherever he decided to go.

Janelle dismissed the idea as being the opposite of a “cohesive family.”

Christine Brown, who ultimately did leave the plural family and move back to Utah, was equally dismissive. At the time of filming Sister Wives Season 16, she was still in a relationship with Kody. She announced the end of the relationship earlier this month.

In a bit of foreshadowing, Christine told the cameras, “I would not be interested in a marriage separated by states.”

As for Meri Brown, she completely dismissed the idea as “stupid.” After admitting to having a fractured relationship with Kody Brown, his first wife pointed out that moving to another state wouldn’t help the relationship.

Kody Brown updates on his relationship with Meri

Speaking of Meri and Kody’s relationship, cameras captured them having an amicable visit at Meri’s house. Discussing the visit in a confessional later, Kody gave an update on their relationship.

According to him, things are on the upswing. With one hiccup. He confesses to no longer having any interest in a romantic relationship with Meri.

“I don’t know how we’re going to continue moving forward. But now, we’re actually in a much better relationship. It’s just not romantic,” Kody said about their relationship.

Does Meri feel the same way? Fans will have to tune in to see her side of the story.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC. Episodes are available early to discovery+ subscribers.

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