‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin & Evan Stewart Reveal Baby #2’s Gender

Carlin & Evan Stewart YouTube (Bringing Up Bates)

Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Evan Stewart found out the gender of their second baby on Saturday evening. On Sunday, they shared the special video with fans. Read on to get all of the details.

As we reported, Carlin and Evan are expecting their second baby. They already share one daughter, Layla Rae, who will turn 2 in January. The new baby will arrive in the spring. Throughout the pregnancy, they have shared several updates. Due to a few conditions Carlin has, the pregnancy is high-risk, but fortunately, everything is going smoothly so far.

When they announced they are expecting another baby, the couple admitted that they were having a hard time deciding whether to find out the baby’s gender. They wanted to be surprised, but they weren’t sure if they could wait. Ultimately, they chose to find out ahead of time.

Carlin Bates Instagram (Bringing Up Bates)
Carlin Bates Instagram

In a YouTube video on their family vlog channel, the pair tried a handful of old wives’ tales to predict the baby’s gender. However, it didn’t go so well as they ended up with an even tally for each gender.

The couple recently went to the doctor’s office for their 20-week appointment. When they left the appointment, they brought home an envelope with the baby’s gender written inside. Carlin shared that she was handing the envelope off to her sister, Katie, and sister-in-law, Whitney. Katie and Whitney helped pull together the party while keeping the gender a secret from Carlin and Evan.

Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Evan Stewart are having a…

In a new YouTube video uploaded on Sunday afternoon, the couple revealed their second baby’s gender. They had a party with family and friends on Saturday. The gender reveal featured balloons, and one of the balloons was filled with colored powder. Most of the black balloons were empty. Carlin and Evan threw darts at the balloons until they found the one with powder.

Stewart Fam YouTube

Eventually, the couple pops a balloon, and blue powder filled the air.

It’s a boy!

Behind them, the rest of the party guests pop blue confetti poppers. The couple is thrilled to be adding a new little one to their family.

Stewart Fam YouTube

So, are you surprised by the results of the gender reveal? Did you think Evan and Carlin Stewart would have a boy or a girl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

You can watch the full gender reveal video here. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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