Robyn Brown ‘Acting’ Sympathetic, Christine Let’s Loose

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Is Sister Wives star Robyn Brown sympathetic to the plural family’s struggles? Plus, Christine lets her frustrations loose in Season 16. Keep reading for all the details about the explosive new trailer.

Season 16 to document Christine Brown leaving plural family?

Christine Brown couldn’t wait to announce the end of her relationship with Kody Brown. She spilled the beans weeks before the highly-anticipated Season 16 premiere of Sister Wives. The tensions in the family were visible to viewers during the last season, but almost no one expected Christine to be the first to leave.

Even though she already ‘spoiled’ the outcome of the new season, viewers will likely be tuning in for a front-row seat to the end of Christine and Kody’s ‘marriage.’ (While the couple never legally married, they share a spiritual union.)

A new trailer reveals how fractured Christine was from the plural family before the split. Keep reading for more details.

Emotional Robyn Brown acts sympathetic, says she understands struggles

In the trailer, Kody and his four wives – Christine, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle – sit in lounge chairs on what looks to be the Coyote Pass property. Surrounded by trees and dirt, the family discusses setting up property boundaries on the land so they know where each wives’ individual house goes.

However, Christine is reluctant to offer any feedback, still hoping the family will return to Utah instead.

Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube
Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube

In a solo confessional, Robyn Brown appears to show sympathy toward Christine’s feelings. She tearfully tells the cameras that “Christine is upset” and she understands why.

Kody’s fourth wife continues to share how scary it is for the “family culture” to change. However, during the discussion on the Coyote Pass project, Robyn bulldozes ahead with her vision for the land. She suggests that the wives get their respective lots figured out to help “visualize” how it will look.

Janelle and Meri seem to be on the same page as Kody and Robyn. Christine, on the other hand…

Christine lets loose about Kody

While the rest of the family wants to plot the land, it appears that Christine wanted to talk again about her idea of moving back to Utah. The family previously shut down the possibility in Season 15, but Kody’s third wife tried to revisit the idea.

In a one-on-one interview, Christine says that it’s not just about moving to Utah.

The conversation between Kody and his wives comes to an end and Christine leaves the circle visually dejected. She tells the camera that she “never wanted” the kind of marriage she has with Kody.

“It’s sad. My marriage to Kody is sad.” – Christine Brown, Sister Wives.

Is this the end of Sister Wives?

With Christine leaving Kody, the fate of the TLC show is up in the air. Fans wonder how the show can continue without Christine. Additionally, some feel the network has been trying to distance itself from the family drama.

TLC has yet to announce what will happen to the show now that Kody only has three wives.

Do you believe that Robyn Brown was being sympathetic to Christine, or was she faking for the cameras? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Robyn is the only one to have had constant access to Kody since he stays with her all the time. Kody on the other hand showed zero interest in being present when his and Christine’s daughter had surgery. Kody even wanted to send the child ALONE for surgery. Kody Рyou reap what you sow Рand look at the state of your life now.

  2. Sorry I don’t blame Robyn, Janelle, for not wanting to move back to utah Christine wanting to move back to Utah is what she wanted and she has not been happy with kody for several years, kody stopped showing any interest in a physical relationship with meri, Christine and I would bet money he doesn’t have a physical relationship with Janelle! He is only showing any affection and bumping uglies with Robyn! GLAD Christine left him hope she finds someone that truly loves her and only her !

    1. I can hardly wait until Kody wants to have a new, younger wife he can have kids with. Really want to see how Robyn takes that

  3. Keeping one spouse happy is tough enough you all should have given more consideration to your children. You selfish group

  4. For the longest time I thought only I could see what a snake Kody was. They, the other wives, should have known when he stepped out with Robyn. it was all over for them. IT IS ALL ABOUT JUST HIM.AND ROBYN. This pandemic is bad, granted, but he owes all the wives and children his attention. Instead he stays with Robyn. DUUHHH! Even Ray Charles could see that coming!

  5. Kody needs to apologize to his 3 wives and kids for abandoning them all for Robyn and her kids. He didn’t know Gabriel was taking classes to finish high school 1 year early. Kody didn’t realize how badly Ysabel needed her surgery. Kody said his youngest children were Solomon and Ariela and forgot to mention Truly. Kody needs to step up as a father and husband. Meri, Janelle and Christine live like single women and they’re not.

  6. Has anybody else noticed that when Kody refers to his kids he calls them… Janelle’s kids, Mary’s daughter, Christine’s kids, he never refers to them as his own. But he does refer to Robyns’ kids as his. He also talks to the other wives brusquely and with total impatience, but on the last episode he had all the patience in the world with Robin. So much so that he was speaking in what I call counselor speak i.e. I’m hearing you, you’re making sense, you’re speaking very intelligently. It’s very obvious who he wants to be solely married to.

  7. LAdies…I would NEVER subjugate myself in this ridiculous UNION! If anything was gonna be plural it would be more husbands and that’s all there is to that. Since when do you think one guy could even please ONE WOMAN? You should get out more…..

  8. Robin is fake. I hope the rest of the wives leave him. Robin has done her best to keep kody around her finger. He acts like the other kids are not his. Just Robin kids are his. Sorry, but sense robin walked into the family I felt she wanted fame 1st, then kody. Nothing else. Hope the other wives find true love soon.

  9. Meri,,,it’s your turn know. Show some self-respect and stop acting like a dog lapping up the crumbs that fall from Robyn and Cody’s table. He has made it clear he’s not interested in the least. Life is too short. Move on. Cody isn’t the only man out there. (in spire of what he thinks! Then Janelle, you’re next.

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