Lauren Duggar FINALLY Surfaces In Rare Photo After Scrubbing Social Media

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Is Lauren Duggar finally getting back on social media? She has finally made a rare appearance after not posting online in over a year. Read on to get the full scoop about what’s going on.

The former Counting On star and wife of Josiah Duggar has been gradually scrubbing their Instagram page. First, she deleted all of the pictures of their two-year-old daughter, Bella Milagro. The page was previously filled with cute photos of the blonde little girl. But now, they are all gone.

Then, the family deleted another batch of photos. Slowly but surely, they have deleted almost all of their photos, leaving just a few behind. Because most of the pictures of Lauren are gone, fans and critics began wondering if the two were splitting up. We don’t know whether they are actually ending their marriage, but there are other possible reasons they deleted so many pictures.

Many critics and fans think the social media scrub has something to do with Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial. Maybe they want to keep their family out of the headlines amid the scandal. Or maybe they realized that many people were able to see their family’s photos and decided they wanted more privacy.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram (2021)
Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

See the new, rare photo of Lauren Duggar.

As we’ve mentioned, Josiah and Lauren have gone missing from social media. Fans have been missing them but respect that they want privacy right now. We don’t know if or when they will come back online, but fans just hope they’re doing well.

Lauren surfaced on a different Instagram page this weekend. As we reported, Anna Duggar’s brother, David Keller, married Josh’s custodians’ daughter, Hannah Reber. Surprisingly, Lauren is one of the bridesmaids pictured at the wedding. In the photo below, she is the second from the left, standing right beside Josie Duggar.

It’s unclear how Lauren is connected to the Rebers. But this picture lets fans know that Lauren appears to be doing well. She looks happy and healthy in the quick snap of her at the wedding.

Gabenator Films Instagram
Gabenator Films Instagram

So, are you glad to finally see another picture of Lauren Duggar? Do you think that the family will ever make their return to social media, or do you think they’re ready to live more private lives? Let us know in the comments section below.

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