Carlin Bates Tries Buying Fans’ Forgiveness After Sharing Offensive Post

Carlin Bates Instagram

Carlin Bates seems to be trying to buy her followers’ forgiveness after sharing an extremely controversial post on social media. The whole Bringing Up Bates family is under fire for a comment someone made at a family gathering. Carlin happened to be recording the moment and uploaded it to her Instagram stories, exposing the family. Now, she continues to try to earn their forgiveness and trust. So, what exactly happened, and what is Carlin trying now?

As we’ve reported, Carlin and most of her family members gathered at Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ home on Friday night. During a game of charades, Lawson Bates acted out “hunting” by pretending to shoot one of his younger brothers. As the siblings began to guess the action, someone yelled out, “George Floyd!” Fans think it was either Nathan or Trace who said it, but we aren’t 100% sure.

Shortly after Carlin posted the video, it was taken down, but it was too late. The video is still circulating on Instagram, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Now, fans are calling on UPtv to cancel the Bates family’s show. Carlin then responded to a few fans’ DMs about the video but did not issue a public apology. Now, she’s trying something else to win over her fans.

Carlin Bates offers fans free coffee.

On her Instagram stories on Saturday, Carlin snapped a screenshot of her Dunkin Donuts payment card, which she and her husband, Evan loaded up. She doesn’t reveal how much is on the card, but she invites her followers to scan the photo at their local Dunkin Donuts. She writes, “It’s a good day. Coffee on us!” Also in her post, she reminds fans to only use it for one drink per person.

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans are discussing the post. One user writes, “She’s like oh I’m totally sorry for being racist here’s a free coffee and let’s forget all about.”

Another adds, “She’s has never done this before, if this isn’t pandering I don’t know what is.”

Carlin Bates Instagram

Shortly after Carlin shared this snap on her Instagram stories, she posted a follow-up story revealing that all of the money on the card had been used. So, it looks like Bates family fans took advantage of this offer and accepted Carlin’s treat.

Though Carlin has taken down the video, you can watch it here.

So, do you think that Carlin Bates is attempting to buy fans’ forgiveness with free coffee? What do you think will happen to the Bringing Up Bates family after this? Let us know your thoughts about it all in the comments section below.

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  1. For goodness sakes. These people are human just like the rest of us. She didn’t say it. She didn’t endorse it either. People are human. They make mistakes. We have all been the position of having said something tasteless or inappropriate. I AM SO SICK OF CANCEL CULTURE!!! LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE!!! Uf you don’t like em don’t watch. Don’t ruin for those of us who do..and see beyond stupid mistakes.
    Wondef what the world would think of you if your mistakes were put on display.

    1. This woman is defending a racist comment. The Bates have not said this was a “stupid mistake” nor have they apologized. Karen’s decided it’s a “stupid mistake” because she likes the cute babies on the show.

  2. Exactly and it would die down if sites like yours would drop it. Delete the link to the video please!!! They are only human who makes mistakes. Jesus said “you without sin cast the first stone.” Drop this!!! Let it go I’m sure everyone one of you complaining have done or said something you are sorry for. Quit posting about it and sharing the link if she’s taken it down!!!! If UP cancels them I will never watch that channel again!!!!

  3. Vickie and Karen are absolutely correct. Those of us that like the show and understand mistakes can be made should probably reach out to UPTV and ask them kindly to keep the show going. I wonder how many complainers actually watch the show? Everyone makes mistakes.

  4. I so agree with the comments above!!! Why not just take our freedom totally from us and as Jesus once said those who have never sinned go ahead and cast the 1st stone!

  5. First of all…. It is NOT FANS of the show that want this show canceled….that is simply a lie. It is the ENEMIES of the show and those who do not want a positive example of what a family should be …they are the ones waging war on this show. The FANS still love the show. None of this offends us at all.

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