Jim Bob Duggar Blasts Federal Government After Josh’s Child Pornography Arrest By Feds

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Just months after his son was arrested by the federal government, Jim Bob Duggar is putting the feds on blast. The former 19 Kids & Counting patriarch shared a passionate message about the government amid his run for the Arkansas State Senate.

For those who don’t know, Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest son, Josh, was arrested in April for receiving and possessing child pornography. The feds arrested Josh at his car lot after a nearly two-year investigation. Since his arrest, he’s been staying with a legal guardian and isn’t allowed to be around children, except his own with his wife’s supervision.

Amid Josh’s arrest, Jim Bob announced he’s running for the Arkansas State Senate. This comes as a surprise, and many fans and critics wonder if it’s a distraction tactic. After all, Josh’s trial is on November 30. The family’s name is making headlines for negative reasons. So, maybe they think a state senate campaign looks better than Josh’s child pornography case. Fans suspect that many family announcements will come out in the next few weeks to take away from the trial. However, will it all be enough to distract from such a big ordeal?

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What does Jim Bob Duggar have to say about the federal government?

Amid Josh’s case, Jim Bob is sharing his thoughts about the federal government. On his campaign website, under the “on the issues” tab, Jim Bob talks about the federal government.

The former TLC star writes, “The federal government is out of control. The liberals in Washington are ruining the country our parents and grandparents sacrificed for, and our state elected officials are our last line of defense. I will fight back against liberals using our federal government to limit our freedoms.”

It’s unclear if this has been his stance for years or if any of this has been further influenced by Josh’s arrest. Either way, Jim Bob appears to have some pretty strong feelings about the federal government amid his son’s child pornography scandal.

Just recently, Jim Bob’s website looked pretty empty. All that was on the site was the option to give donations. Now, the site features details about why he’s running and his opinions on the issues.

So, what do you think about Jim Bob Duggar’s statement on the federal government? Do you think it’s ironic given that his son Josh was recently arrested by the feds? Let us know in the comments section below.

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