Jeremy Vuolo Shows Off Scandalous Booty Shot Of Jinger

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Jeremy Vuolo has shared a photo that’s unlike anything he’s ever posted online before. The former Counting On star shared a scandalous photo he snapped of his wife, Jinger Vuolo. This comes as a surprise to fans who know all about the Duggar family’s modesty standards. Read on to see the surprising photo the former TLC star shared.

What are the Duggar family’s modesty rules?

Duggar fans know that the family follows strict modesty rules. Growing up, the women and girls must wear long skirts and dresses. Their clothing can’t be too tight, revealing, or short. Often, the girls are seen in long denim skirts or dresses. The Duggars believe that this is how they should be dressed based on their religious beliefs.

Duggar Family Instagram (Counting On)
Duggar Family Instagram

Now, as some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids have grown up, gotten married, and moved out of their childhood home, they have changed the way they dress. Many of them have started wearing pants or shorts. Some even wear tank tops. This isn’t a big shock by society’s standards, but it’s a little more serious for the Duggars.

Jeremy Vuolo takes things one step further.

On his Instagram stories, Jeremy recently shared a new photo of his wife, Jinger. As fans may know, Jinger has chosen to wear pants, shorts, and tank tops, which her parents wouldn’t necessarily approve of. Amid all of these changes, Jeremy decided to show off his wife on social media.

In the new photo, Jinger is walking down the streets of Los Angeles. The mom to two is holding her three-year-old daughter, Felicity’s hand. In the snap, Jinger’s booty is visible in her skin-tight skinny jeans.

On Facebook, there are discussions about this photo. Followers of the family are talking about how surprising it is that Jeremy is sharing this kind of content. One Facebook user writes, “I can’t believe he posted her butt in tight jeans.”

The photo was shared on Jeremy’s Instagram stories, which are only visible for 24 hours. However, we have the photo here for you to see. Because it was on his stories, fans couldn’t publicly comment and could only message him directly. So, maybe more of them are pointing out that it’s interesting he is posting “scandalous” photos of Jinger.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

So, does it surprise you that Jeremy Vuolo is sharing this type of picture of his wife? Do you think her family would approve? Let us know in the comments section below.

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