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Anna Duggar Baby #7 Name Blasted, Bizarre Connection To Josh’s Past

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Josh and Anna Duggar’s baby 7’s name has been revealed! Now, the family is being criticized due to the bizarre and ironic name they chose. Fans and critics certainly weren’t expecting this name, and they have lots to say about it. Read on to get all of the details about the newest Duggar family member, as well as find out what everyone has to say about her name.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Anna Duggar Baby #7 Name Revealed

On Tuesday morning, Anna finally surfaced on social media to make an announcement about her seventh child’s arrival. She shared a post on her stories and on her main feed, revealing the baby’s birth date and time, weight and length, and name.

When Josh and Anna announced their seventh baby was on the way, they also revealed that they were having a girl. So, the birth announcement wasn’t a gender reveal. In her social media posts, Anna shared that the baby’s name is Madyson Lily. Fans know that all of Josh and Anna’s kids’ names begin with the letter “M.” They include Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and Maryella.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Former TLC Star Put On Blast For Ironic Baby Name

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are discussing the irony of the baby name Anna chose. They think it’s strange that Anna would even consider using the name Madyson or Madison after her husband’s Ashley Madison scandal. For those who don’t know, Josh was previously involved with the Ashley Madison website. Ashley Madison was a place men could go to find extramarital affairs. The TLC star had a paid account on the platform.

So, it comes as a shock to see that Josh and Anna used the name Madyson. One user writes, “She did this little girl SO dirty with Madyson.”

Another user thought it could be a joke until they loooked at Anna’s post. They wrote, “I went and checked her Insta after I saw this because I figured it HAD to be photoshop. It just HAD to be… nope. It’s real. Poor girl. Imagine being named after the app your dad used to cheat on your mom. Yikes on bikes.”

On Anna’s post, no one has commented on the baby’s name. This is becuase Anna has restricted her comments section so only the people she follows can comment. This is likely to weed out the inevitable negative comments regarding her husband’s child pornography scandal.

So, do you think that Anna Duggar’s baby 7’s name is strange? Or do you think it’s okay that she would use a name like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows AceWe will continue to share more news about the arrival of Josh and Anna’s seventh baby and so much more.

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  1. Poor Anna Duggar. Living in a deluded reality-stuck with now 7 kids & a pedophile. To name an innocent child any version of “Madyson” (Ashley Madison) is twisted & cruel. She has doubled down by continuing to stay with him & having more kids with Josh, the man who cheated on & humiliated her. #selfesteem

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