Cheryl Burke Makes A Decision About Returning For ‘DWTS’ Season 31

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Pro dancers don’t know if they will get asked to come back for another Dancing With The Stars season until just a few weeks before the air date. However, fans often speculate which pros will come back and which will leave. After speculating that Season 30 will be her last, Cheryl Burke finally made a decision on her future with the show.

Cheryl Burke wants to have children — but not until she’s finished with her dancing career

For ages, Cheryl Burke teased retiring from Dancing With The Stars. She’s in her late 30s and most professional dancers stop competing in their 20s or even early 30s. But the long-time show veteran believes she still has plenty of moves left in her. If producers ask her to come back for DWTS Season 31, she will accept.

Cheryl discussed the possibility of motherhood on a recent episode of her podcast, “Pretty Messed Up.” Pro dancer Witney Carson joined her for the episode. If you recall, Witney sat out Season 29 due to her pregnancy. She teased it could be possible that she’ll sit out Season 31 for the same reason.

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However, Cheryl isn’t sure she could bounce back quickly after giving birth the way Witney did.

“Some women have been pregnant on this show who have bounced back literally in months. That’s just not — I’m 37. I need to put everything in perspective that my body hurts already without being pregnant. Can you imagine?” Cheryl commented. “I want to know that I’m done with this space in my life and I think that waiting another year is not gonna hurt.”

She added that she worried about gaining weight during the process too.

However, Witney quickly put her friend’s fears to rest.

“You won’t even think about your body after you have [a baby] — I mean, yes, you’ll think about it. But it’s funny … being pregnant, you’re huge and pregnant and you’re just like ‘this is the worst’ at like 39 weeks. Thirty-eight weeks hit and I’m like, ‘I’m done.’ Get the pliers, get me the suction cup that suctions out the baby, like I need to get this baby out,” Witney told her castmate. “I was huge, Cheryl. I was huge.”

In the meantime, the semifinals and a place in the finale are at stake

Cheryl Burke might have babies on her mind, but for now, she’s really focused on Monday night’s episode. She and Cody Rigsby will compete in the semifinals for their spot in the season finale. They will perform a redemption dance as well as a new routine.

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If you want Cheryl and Cody to win, make sure to vote! They need your votes now more than ever. Tune into the semifinals at 8 PM eastern time on ABC this Monday night to catch all the action.

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