Josiah & Lauren Duggar Praised For Protecting Bella Amid Josh’s Scandal

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Former Counting On stars Josiah and Lauren Duggar are getting lots of love from fans after taking measures to protect their toddler daughter, Bella. As fans know, Josh Duggar, Josiah’s brother, is involved in a child sexual abuse material (or child pornography) scandal at the moment. So, what exactly did the couple do to keep Bella safe, and what do fans have to say about it?

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Josiah & Lauren Duggar Scrub Social Media

As we’ve reported, the couple stopped posting on Instagram last November. They typically shared frequent updates about themselves and their daughter, Bella. However, after posting on her first birthday in November 2020, they completely disappeared from the internet. Only recently did they surface in new photos at a family outing.

In the past couple of weeks, the pair has deleted all of the photos they ever posted of their daughter. On her second birthday, they didn’t even hop online to share an update or wish her a “happy birthday.”

It’s unclear what exactly affected the way Josiah and Lauren use social media these days. However, many fans assume it has something to do with Josh’s scandal. Some speculate that they might have realized how many people were potentially looking at pictures of Bella. Or they might be following in Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s footsteps, as they also rarely post photos of their kids online.

Counting On Fans Praise The Couple’s Wise Decision

In a new confession on the Duggar Bates Confessions page, one fan wrote in, praising the couple for protecting Bella in this way. The post reads, “Josiah and Lauren made the right choice after the J**** scandal, keeping Bella away from social media and JBs wicked ways to earn money. I would do the same.”

The user continues, “Jinger made a similar choice. I applaud them. They are not robots that have to show their kids in every life state.”

In the comments section of the post, plenty of fans are agreeing, showing their support for Josiah and Lauren. One user writes, “They were shoved into the public eye by their parents whether they wanted to or not. It is really good on them to see them make a more healthy choice for their family and not just follow in their parents nonsense.”

Someone else adds, “Good on Josiah and Lauren for realizing they don’t have to post anything of Bella.”

Another fan writes, “Good for them. It’s bizarre the rest of the family showing every aspect of their family life after the trauma they’ve went through themselves. All for a bit of internet cash. I blame the horrible parents.”

Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram
Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram

So, what do you think of Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s decision to remove all of the pictures of their daughter, Bella, online? Do you think it’s a good choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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