Duggar Snarks Hope John & Abbie’s Daughter Grace Follows In Mom’s Footsteps

John-David and Abbie Duggar Instagram

Could Grace Duggar be following in her mom Abbie’s footsteps? A recent photo of the toddler seems to hint that she could have a future that looks something like her mother’s. Read on to see the new photo and what the family’s followers think of it all.

For those who don’t know, Grace is John-David and Abbie‘s daughter. She will turn two in January. Right now, she’s an only child, and the parents seem to be enjoying soaking up all of this quality time with her. Recently, Abbie took Grace to the children’s museum on a rainy day. The mom and daughter pair had a blast. One photo from the outing may be an indication of what’s to come for Grace.

John and Abbie Duggar Instagram
John and Abbie Duggar Instagram

Unlike many of the other Duggar women, Abbie went to college and is a nurse. This is just one of many signs that John-David and his wife are doing things differently.

Duggar Snarks Hope Gracie Might Be A Doctor Someday

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks, or family critics, are discussing Grace’s doctor’s coat and stethoscope she played with while at the museum. They began to wonder about the little girl’s future and whether she could go to college and become a doctor or nurse. As mentioned, many of the Duggar women don’t work outside of the home. Some fans think it’s even a rule that the women can’t get jobs. However, because John-David and Abbie don’t adhere to other family rules, it’s possible that Gracie will be allowed to go to school and work someday.

In the Reddit thread, critics are sharing hopeful messages for Grace. One user writes, “Hoping against hope that since her mom had a career so will she.”

Someone else admits that Grace may be limited but still has a chance. They write, “I could see them allowing her to go to a fundie college (Crown or Liberty or similar). But of course, only for something like nursing or teaching or music or something along that line.”

Another critic writes, “Seeing a cute photo of a child, having fun, dreaming big, at a children’s museum to stimulate their little mind… 1-1 with a parent that’s not already pregnant is the most normal and least Duggar thing I’ve seen in a while”

Nearly responded with "A career I can have only in my dreams"
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So, do you think that Grace could end up being a nurse or doctor like her mom someday? Do you feel like this photo alone is a good indication of that or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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