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TLC Viewers Express ‘Zero Interest’ In ‘I Am Jazz‘ Season Premiere

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TLC’s I Am Jazz returns for another season very soon, showing fans what Jazz Jennings’ life is like these days. The network recently shared about the upcoming season premiere, but fans aren’t so sure about the show anymore. What are they saying, and why aren’t they interested?

For those who don’t know, the show’s seventh season will make its debut later this month. For years, the show has gotten mixed reactions from TLC fans. However, fans’ response to the upcoming episode is especially negative.

jazz jennings

On Instagram this week, the network posted a promotional photo for the upcoming season of the show. The post reads:

“We’re just THREE WEEKS away from the long-awaited return of Jazz 🙌 Set your reminders now for the season premiere of #IAmJazz on Tuesday, November 30 at 9/8c!”

TLC Instagram
TLC Instagram

TLC Fans React To I Am Jazz Update

In the comments section of the new post, the network’s fans are commenting and saying that they don’t have any interest in watching the new season of the show. Note that the people commenting are simply fans of TLC, not necessarily every show that airs on the network.

One Instagram user writes, “No thank you.” Another adds that they are simply “not interested.” Plenty of other similar comments are rolling in as well, showing that fans just don’t want to watch the show anymore. One user says, “Zero interest.” There are thumbs-down emojis, as well as plenty of one-word “no” or “nope” comments.

TLC Instagram
TLC Instagram

While many of the network’s fans aren’t looking forward to the premiere, there are a handful of positive comments about the new season. One user says that they can’t wait to see what’s been happening with Jazz and her family. Others chime in that they are excited to see the grandparents again, claiming that they are the “best part of this show.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the Season 7 premiere goes and whether fans choose to tune in. Based on the Instagram comments alone, it looks like the network and Jazz are losing fans’ interest.

So, do you agree with TLC viewers? Are you losing interest in the show too? Will you be watching the season premiere of I Am Jazz? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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You can see a sneak peek of the upcoming premiere here. Don’t miss the Season 7 premiere on November 30 on TLC.

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  1. Constant continuation of “ woe is me,” I know the show is about Jazz, but she sucks the air out of everybody. Add to her list that she is a narcissist, – everyone around has no life except her. Got old very quickly in the last 2 years.
    No matter what she wanted , she now has and is still whining “ woe is me!!”

  2. JUST SAY NO!! No more of this narcissist who sucks the life out of everyone around them!!

    It has become so obvious that as a child he should have received counseling not hormones and mutilation!!

    Now shes extremely unhappy, why?because cutting off body parts does not fix the problem!!

    I can’t watch watch this anymore.
    They should have listened to Grampa!

  3. People who go out of their way to comment that they’re not interested in a show are NOT usually all that uninterested. The truth is, they dislike the show and/or are “against” it for some ideological reason. These negative comments sound like they’re coming from people with an agenda!

    Personally, I haven’t followed this show—nor most other “reality TV” shows—but never have I been “motivated” enough to make a point of announcing my lack of interest on the internet.

    Because I REALLY don’t care.

  4. So anyone with a different opinion is a,’hater?’
    Sadly the parents should have gotten this child into intense counseling.
    To say at age 5 he was suffering from gender dysphoria is beyond belief.
    Now Jazz is suffering from ,‘mental issues,’ and a large weight gain?
    Common sense should dictate having surgery to transform him into a female borders on child abuse.
    Hard to imagine doctors would agree to this body mutilation.
    My heart goes out to any parent in this situation, but the roar they went down opened up a Pandora’s Box.

  5. The push for gender reassignment is cruel until tbe child is an adult. This is a serious surgery for a serious mental problem. The brain needs to be looked at by trained psychological doctors and living life as a Trans before mutilation is highly recommended. Jazz is a prime example of a young man with serious problems conforming to a ” woman:.

  6. I’ve just watched the first few episodes of the new season. I’ve always been a big fan of the show and I am amazed at how much this one little girl has done for the transgender community. However, the fat shaming that is going on this season is truly depressing me. For a family that thinks they’re so educated and ahead of the pack in matters of mental health, where have they been for the last twenty years. She is literally going from one room to the next, scene after scene of negative comments with the whole family attacking her for all her shortcomings. Now it becomes clear where her problems stem from. She is getting so worn down from it that we can see her deflating in front of our eyes. Get off her back or your going to see another major breakdown soon. Fat shaming is not acceptable. Not now, not ever.

  7. This has become the Jazz Jennings Family Show. Mom’s “sexy” photo shoot; the twin dating a transgender; let’s set mom up in a tie dye business, etc. The family is as boring as watching paint dry. I guess there just isn’t that much material regarding Jazz’s struggles to fill an hour any longer now that the surgery has been done. Time to retire this show.

  8. TLC has capitalized on a very mentally ill family and made that very public. What a shame. None of them will every be truly happy. The path they have taken will not lead to happiness and those watching this show who think otherwise are delusional. This show is not a roadmap to success or peace with ones self.

    1. You’re right on! It’s been said Jazz wanted to be true to “herself “ by changing gender. SO, does being true to yourself mean blocking the hormones that nature supplied? Does it mean adding fake breast or removing the breast that nature supplied? What about “bottom surgery”? Removing and transforming the genitalia that nature supplied? Yes Jazz that’s all normal stuff to be “true to yourself “.

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