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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: The Winders Welcome A New Addition

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It’s a happy beginning to November for Seeking Sister Wife fan favorites, the Winders. Last night, Sophie Winder gave birth to her second child, the family’s third. They announced a little girl would be joining them back in July. Now, the day has come and they could not be more excited to share her with the world.

A Seeking Sister Wife Journey

When viewers first met the Winders in Season 2, there were a lot of hiccups. Legally, Colton was married to Tami and they had their daughter, Sadie. He had married his second wife, Sophie yet she lived in her own home. The women struggled to come together but the family also struggled to come out as a plural unit. By Season 3, they had all moved in together and Sophie was expecting her first baby.

Seeking Sister Wife The Winders
The Winders | Instagram

Sadly, fertility struggles plagued Tami though she aimed to be supportive of her sister wife. The Winders also attempted to court a third wife, Kimberley. However, the spark was just not there and it fizzled out. In the end, they were just happy with Sadie, Ephraim and left with the hopes they could continue to grow their family. Mainly, the wives remained optimistic some fertility treatments could help Tami become a mom again.

Credit: The Winder Family Instagram
Credit: The Winder Family Instagram

Then, they took to their Instagram to share the news Sophie was expecting again. It appears they have become one cohesive unit and though the future of the show is unclear, the love they have is vivid. Now, Colton, Tami, and the kids have come together to help Sophie welcome their newest Winder addition.

And Baby Makes Six

On November 9th, just a little bit early, the newest member of the Winder family arrived. They named her Isabella Grace and believe she came at the perfect time. Both Sophie and Colton are seen holding their baby girl and beaming. Followers immediately took note of the excitement.

Credit: The Winders IG
Credit: The Winders IG

“She’s so beautiful! Congratulations,” noted one. Another added: “Oh! Congrats to you all 🙌❤️ enjoy this precious baby😍.” Yet, someone did ask about how Tami was handling all of this when she so desperately wants another biological child: “Congratulations!!!! How is Tami feeling during these times! I hope she gets her chance.”

It seems the family is just relishing their time with newborn Isabella and they seem very supportive of each other’s journeys. Would you like to see more of the Seeking Sister Wife family on television again in some capacity? Let us know in the comments below.

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