Courtney & Eric Waldrop Share Their ‘Late Night Shenanigans’

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Sweet Home Sextuplets fans are getting a look at Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s “late night shenanigans” in a new social media post. The mom of nine opens up about what happens in their home after the sun goes down. Read on to find out how Courtney and Eric spend their evenings.

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Courtney & Eric Waldrop Deal With Kids’ ‘Late Night Shenanigans’

On her Instagram page on Tuesday, Courtney shared a series of photos of the sextuplets all decked out in matching pajama sets. The boys are rocking skeleton pajamas, while the girls are wearing black and white polka-dotted PJs. The Sweet Home Sextuplets mom writes, “Night Night Y’all😴😴😴 Just kidding…I wished we were those really good parents who put their kids down early but we’re totally opposite🥴 (that’s not a good thing🙈)”

She continues, “We may be in our PJs but we are just getting crunk in the Waldrop house!! Why is it that when it gets dark I get my second wind and could go all night and then sleep until lunch time the next day if I could…but I can’t🤪
Since Eric and I are night owls so are our kids…well the sextuplets are!! Thank goodness our big boys go to bed at a decent time!!”

Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets Fans Love The Family’s Relatable Posts

On social media, Courtney and Eric are sure to keep things raw and real. They don’t shy away from giving fans a peek into their real lives with nine kids, and their followers love it. So, at the end of her post, the mom of nine wrote, “How many of you have your all kids down early and how many are like us!! Please make me feel better about our parenting and that we aren’t alone in our late night shenanigans🤣🤣🤣”

Fortunately, plenty of fans can relate to Courtney’s latest post and are sharing their own “late night shenanigans” stories.

Not only do fans love the update from Courtney and Eric, but they also think all of the kids look adorable in their matching pajamas. One fan writes, “That is so adorable! I don’t even have words!! 😍”

So, what do you think of the latest photos of the Sweet Home Sextuplets kiddos? Do you enjoy hearing about Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s “late night shenanigans” with the kids? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I really miss you show!! I don’t understand why you were canceled!! Keep us updated on your lives!! We love your family!!

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