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Suni Lee Dons A Confident New Look And ASTOUNDS Judges

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Olympic gymnast Suni Lee definitely had a rough week last week. Immediately following her Queen Night performance, she ran off stage and threw up.

In the days leading up to tonight’s episode, the young Olympian revealed she struggled with a block this week. On top of feeling physically unwell, she was also letting the pressure get to her a little. Don’t forget that Suni juggles college classes on top of her Dancing With The Stars performances.

In an emotional prerecorded package during tonight’s episode, she admitted that running off stage to get sick was one of the most humiliating moments of her life. But she definitely made up for that after her Janet Jackson performance.

Suni Lee displays a fierce new look and wows the crowd and judges

Tonight is Janet Jackson Night. The remaining competitors all performed electric routines to Janet Jackson’s greatest hits. Suni Lee and Sasha Farber had a Samba to “All For You” by the pop queen.

Fans were stunned to see the 18-year-old dawn a confident new look as she took the floor with her partner Sasha Farber. If she felt nervous before this performance, she definitely didn’t show it. And by the end of the routine, it was clear she redeemed herself.

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All four judges came alive and cheered in excitement. Hardly anyone was surprised when all four of them gave the two a perfect score. It’s the first 40/40 for Suni and Sasha and the pair couldn’t be happier.

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Were you surprised to see Suni’s new look and newfound confidence? be sure to let us know what you thought of the routine in the comments. We all wish Suni and Sasha the best of luck as the semifinals rapidly approach.

The young athlete bounces back after a pretty serious bug

During Queen Night, Tyra Banks confirmed that Suni Lee did not have COVID-19, so she didn’t have to quarantine. But even so, whatever bug she did have really took her out. Sasha Farber opened up to Us Weekly following their performance last week.

“The poor girl started to feel really sick on Tuesday, and it got worse and worse. We had to miss rehearsals. Today was actually the first time she did the relay because she couldn’t do it last night. I danced with a mannequin [in rehearsals],” Sasha explained. According to the pro dancer, Suni gave rehearsals her all, even if she had to occasionally stop and get sick.

Suni held it in for as long as she could during her Paso Doble to “We Will Rock You” with Sasha.

“Right before the dance started … we were standing in the tunnel, and she just kinda, like, 10 seconds in, vomited in her mouth and tears started to come out and she started walking away, saying, like, ‘No, I can’t do it.’ I was like, ‘Suni, you’ve got this. Come on. This is game time,’” Sasha continued. “And she turned around and she was, like, holding it in, and she held it in for a minute 35 and then the second the dance was over, she ran to a trashcan.”

Thankfully, Suni made it through her routines tonight without getting sick. Fans are so glad to hear she’s doing better.

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