Jack Wagner Joins Lindsay Lohan In Christmas Movie Produced By ‘Christmas Waltz’ Director

Photo: Jack Wagner Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Astorga

Jack Wagner just got added to the upcoming Netflix Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie. What does Young and the Restless alum Michael Damian have to say about this addition? What role will the When Calls The Heart star be playing?

Here is the latest news on the untitled Lindsay Lohan Netflix Christmas movie.

Jack Wagner Joins Up With Fellow Former Soap Star

Looks like General Hospital alum, and current When Calls The Heart star, Jack Wagner is now working with Christmas Waltz director on a new holiday film. This is the Netflix Lindsay Lohan film, tentatively called Christmas In Wonderland, that Michael Damian’s wife, Janeen Damian is directing.

On Thursday, the Y&R alum went to Twitter to make the announcement. “So awesome to be working with my Music/ Soap Pal @JackWagnerhpk@youngrestlescbs @GeneralHospital.” Although Wagner and Damien did not work on a soap together, both started on their soaps in 1983. 

In addition, both Jack Wagner and Michael Damian wound up with hit songs. The GH star was the first to get a hit, in 1985, with the song “All I Need.” In 1989, Michael Damian covered the David Essex song, “Rock On.”

Besides Jack Wagner, Variety has announced that Chord Overstreet (Glee), George Young (Malignant), and Olivia Perez (In The Heights) will all star alongside Lohan.

Photo: Jack Wagner Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows
Photo: Jack Wagner Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows

What Do We Know About Jack Wagner’s Latest Movie With Lindsay Lohan?

More information is now known about Christmas In Wonderful, the tentative name of the new Lindsay Lohan movie that Jack Wagner is now part of. The Mean Girls star plays a newly engaged, and very privileged hotel heiress.

However, she loses her memory when she gets into a skiing accident. She winds up staying with a handsome, “blue-collar” lodge owner (Overstreet) and his daughter. Will there be a romance? We only guess.

Although there is no information on what role Jack Wagner is playing, it seems likely that he would portray the rich hotelier father. We will have to wait for Netflix to share the official details to find out.

Michael Damian, Janeen Damian’s Much Ado About Christmas

Michael and Janeen Damian have both been quite busy with Christmas movies the past couple of years. Last year, it was Christmas Waltz, which Michael Damian wrote and directed, and Janeen Damian was the executive producer. Next year, it is Christmas In Wonderland, and hopefully Christmas Waltz 2.

This year, it has been GAC Family’s Much Ado About Christmas. The Damians had originally been working with Hallmark on developing that movie. That was during the Bill Abbott era. However, it seemed to be shelved until the ex-Hallmark CEO started GAC Media.

During the last weekend of October, Much Ado About Christmas kicked off the GAC Family 12 Movies of Christmas. This movie stars Susie Abromeit, and Torrance Coombs. GAC Family is airing this movie many times and is on their schedule. What is it about?

According to the GAC Family synopsis, Haley (Abromeit) is a beloved member of Winterstone, known for acts of kindness, and the daughter of one of Winterstone’s wealthiest residents, Leona Lloyd.

Haley is quite down-to-earth, which is why her new love interest Claud (Coombs) has no idea that she comes from such wealth. Haley fibs to not let Claud know of her privilege. Claud was raised by a single mom  and remains an artsy, hopeless romantic.

However, this all becomes a huge issue when Claud pitches Leona. In that pitch includes a photo of his new girlfriend, Haley. Secrets are revealed and relationships ruffled. But Christmas is coming, and miracles do happen.

Netflix’s Christmas In Wonderland, starring Lindsay Lohan, should drop during the Christmas holidays 2022.

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